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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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Life is like the Wheel: when man is up, the only way to go is down; when he is down, he can be sure that he wall eventually go up again. Nothing in this life is stable and permanent; man must learn to accept the challenges and the blessings, for both are important to his soul's growth.


Justice is the voice of man's conscience. He must learn to obey it, in order to maintain his inner balance. The Higher Consciousness of man directs his actions, and if it is ignored, man loses his spiritual equilibrium. This causes chaos in his life and harm to himself and his loved ones.


In order to progress spiritually, man must curtail his pursuit of material gain. As he develops in maturity, he should take time to reflect on his past life and submit his future to God. It is difficult to change direction when a man has devoted too much of his life to materiality, but it is at this point that he should have the courage to surrender his material needs to the Higher Consciousness and redirect his steps to God.


Man has made Death another word for fear. But death is not the end — it is transition from one plane of existence to another. Physical death is the rebirth of the soul into another phase of existence on the journey back to God. If man will allow his ego to die on the earthly plane and experience the transformation of his Higher Self, he will lose his fear of bodily death and come to accept it as a natural part of his progression.


When man is able to allow his Higher Consciousness to flow freely into his conscious thoughts, he will experience the beauty of order and harmony in his life. He must learn to be moderate in all things in order to maintain this tranquility. The wall of God becomes his own will and he sees the glory of God in every living thing.


During the soul's journey, man must learn to use his powers correctly. He can choose to use them for material gain or in a manner which will increase his spiritual awareness. Temptation will be presented in many forms, but the powerful appeal of evil may always be overcome by reaching out to the Higher Consciousness.


Often man feels the desire lo change his ways, but lacks the strength of will to achieve his spiritual goals. He may wish to break down his ego and his materialistic pursuits, but be prevented from doing so by fear. To find peace and contentment, it is sometimes necessary for man to experience loss and tragedy before he can find spiritual comfort and strength.


In times of darkest depression, THE STAR radiates the guidance of our Higher Consciousness. Man can overcome all fear if he will follow this light. It is the source of all inner strength and will lead him through the night into the beautiful dawn of supreme understanding.


Of all the experiences a man must encounter on the earthly plane, his final test is faith. When he has passed beyond dependence upon reason and resolves to submit his being to the will of God, then he will truly understand the sustaining power of faith.


After the soul has undergone the trials of faith, the bonds that tie it to the earthly plane are severed, and man can know true liberation and attainment. The knowledge of the true nature of his being and the part he is playing in the Universal Plan brings him the glorious reward of union with the God within himself.


Man can now see the Divine Purpose through his own Higher Consciousness. He leaves behind all that once meant security to him and redirects his life and all his energy toward the glory of God. Life now has meaning for him, and man realizes why he is here. He looks at life with renewed hope and prayer.


The soul goes on and on, gathering experience after experience within God's Universal Plan. One experience gives birth to another throughout the eternal cycle of life and death. Existence is continuous, ever changing but never ending, as the soul of man passes from one form to another. Each life lie lives is only a glimpse into eternity, a chance for him to refocus and refine his ideals toward God's will. Each time fear and indecision must be overcome, so that the soul can take one more step upward on the journey back to its eternal Source and in so doing realize that it is a part of God, an immortal manifestation of God's unlimited love.

Keeping a Tarot Log

Before proceeding to EXERCISE 10, you should set up and keep a TAROT LOG for yourself (seep. 56 for example). This is not thesame as the DAILY RECORD BOOK (p. 13), which is used for personal readings. The TAROT LOG is specifically to record your impressions and details of meditation on the symbols of the Major Arcana. Immediately upon completing EXERCISE 10, and each time you meditate on the Major Arcana, you should write down all your impressions, in as much detail as possible. This will help to fix them deeply in your subconscious. Meditation is similar to dreaming: we can quickly forget important details if we do not train our minds to remember them. The TAROT LOG will also provide you with a record of your sensitivity progress, which will grow as you study. Take as much time as you need, try to recall as much detail as possible. If you need more room, write on the backs of the sheets or use others. Here are some helpful hints in filling out your log:

1. You may find that some Major symbols are easier to meditate upon than others. Record your impressions of this.

2. Certain colors may appear more brilliant than others. Record this.

3. You may find it easy to go deep within certain symbols, as if walking some distance into the picture. Record this.

4. You may find yourself conversing with the character in the symbol. Record the details of this conversation.

5. You may hear a voice or voices not connected with any one symbol or character. Record what you hear.

6. Upon entering the picture of a card, you may find that the scenery differs from that portrayed. Record what you see.

7. You may be aware of fragrances. Record them.

8. Your sense of touch may be heightened. Describe what you feel and what you touch.

9. You may receive insights and knowledge, either general or relating to a particular subject. Record every detail.










1. Same as Step 1 in EXERCISE 1.

2. Select one of the 22 Major Arcana cards and place it before you.

3. Relax your mind and body and focus your attention on the card. Allow your mind to drink in every detail of color and shape.

4. Say the appropriate Prayer of Invocation for your card, as learned in EXERCISE 8.

5. As you recite the prayer, absorb every detail of the card until you feel ready to hold the picture in your Inner Eye. Then close your eyes, bring the card up to your forehead, and recreate the picture in your mind in full detail.

6. Feel the picture in your Inner Eye take on length and depth, like a three-dimensional movie. As the view expands and the borders of the picture recede, gently PUSII yourself forward with your Solar Plexus until you enter the picture, like going through a doorway.

7. As you enter this new dimension, become sensitive to life and movement all around you. Feel yourself become enveloped in this new world which is no longer merely a picture. The figures are no longer still; you are now in the world of the Superconscious and everything and everyone is very real.

8. You are now a part of this world, life is vibrant all around you, colors are bright, everything is moving and real. You can feel the breeze, the grass underfoot, the warmth of the sun. You smell the scent of flowers and look all around you, absorbing all you can.

9. Start to walk and become totally involved in what is happening around you. Listen and hear voiccs speaking, introduce yourself to the character or characters in the card, converse with them. Treat them as real, living people, but be as natural as possible. Be respectful, but do not be intimidated by their high natures (e.g., THE EMPRESS, THE III ER OPIIA NT). NOTE: When entering such cards as DEATH, THE DEVIL, THE HANGED MAN, etc., it is important not to be afraid of these figures. Realize that they have their functions to perform in God's Plan, know that God's love and protection is with you and that they cannot harm you in any way.

10. Let the vibrations of this spiritual plane permeate your whole being and feel the rejuvenation of the higher forces.

11. When you become aware that your conscious mind is bringing you back, gently PUSH from your Solar Plexus, keeping your eyes closed, and slowly withdraw from the spiritual world. When you feel yourself bark in your original meditating position and the life and movement has faded back into the card, slowly allow the image of the card to disappear from your Inner Eve, like a fade-out in a movie. Allow the sounds and feelings of this world to return to your consciousness before opening your eyes.

12. The meditation is over. Now, before the images fade from your memory, enter your impressions in your TAROT LOG — all the details you can remember, then your analysis of these experiences.

13. Repeat this exercise with each of the 22 Major Arcana cards, until you feel thoroughly familiar with all of them. Don't try to do too many at one time; one or two a day is enough.

Reading with the Major Arcana Only

When the Tarot is used for spiritual guidance, you need use only the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana concern our mundane activities, so there is no need to include them when spiritual questions are-being asked. As you become more sensitive to the cards, you may wish to buy a second Tarot pack and use only the Major Arcana specifically for spiritual readings. If you do choose to use two packs, remember that the second pack must be carefully "seasoned," just as the first was. Once you extract the 22 Major Arcana cards, do not shuffle them with the extra pack of Minor Arcana you will have. Separate them — wrap the 22 cards in their own Tarot cloth and put the remaining 56 cards away. Your second "spiritual pack" should be used for meditation and spiritual practice only. Use the complete pack of your first deck for general spreads and reading.

Summing Up the Major Arcana

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana are symbolic of man's spiritual nature and his soul's journey from life to life as it progresses back to God. The wisdom that can be gained from these cards Is of the highest kind, and we must always approach them with the purest and most positive attitudes we can achieve. For this reason, they require much meditation and study, with patience and a sincere and humble desire to learn. The proper prayer should always be recited before studying each card, and a complete TAROT LOG should be kept of each meditation.


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