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PRINCIPLE = Imponderability GNOTHOLOGY = Freedom

EXPRESSION = Son/Receiver /Man/Moral/ Passive



This prayer of meditation will uplift you to higher realms of thought. You will determine your own spiritual outlook by reaching the peak of your soul level. In your search for meaningful answers you will be confronted with your own fears, which will help you destroy any conventional or self-made ties holding you to material things or desires. You will strengthen that which is vitally important to your spiritual progress. Chains and restrictions will be broken, making way for ideas and goals which have long been waiting to take seed deep within you. You can easily abandon your false sense of security and find that the comforts you pursued were in fact blocking your spiritual journey. Embedded in man's mind are the safe, well-padded fears of his ancestors. To be man is to be free of anything that is not of his own belief; this can be determined by investigating the birth of any concept he holds dear. This is not to say that what you believe is meant to be destroyed, but rather that you should develop within yourself the original mold of your soul personality. The Hierophant becomes the spring cleaner, making way for summer glory and autumn acceptance. Winter then becomes the womb of eternity for further growth. The Hierophant can open the gate for you to "know thyself."


The spiritual therapy of this meditation is truly effective for the student who is willing to gaze into the mirror of life and see himself as he really is. Total inner balance gives a wider view of the Divine Plan. If this meditation exercise is to be continuous, select the same time cycle each day until the meditation has been completed to your satisfaction.

SEPHIROTH = Triad of Intelligence PATH = 16—Chesed—Chochma HEBREW = Vau ENGLISH = Nail


Two paths, the time for choice, the outcome of which is of vital importance.


Select well with integrity high;

Your moral scruples tell you why.


Resist the temptation to change; stick to your resolutions, make firm decisions.

Is this situation what you really want?

Seek spiritual values; control your emotions and select your path with care.

REVERSE KEY: | Wanting the best of both worlds, causing every-1 one concerned to feel i unstable.


Indecision is not your friend; . You may lose all in the end.


Temptation can be strong; be sure to make the right move.

Could indicate a severe break in a relationship. Quarrels, disagreement, separation or divorce.

Strong opposition is felt and the pressure can cause great concern.


TETRAGRAMMATON = VAU PRINCIPLE = Trial ity EXPRESSION = Spirit/Transformer AJni-verse/Material/ Neutral




There is much depth in this meditation. The symbolic message of the Lovers can penetrate the ego and release the Karmic desire of the higher self. This intriguing symbol brings to your immediate attention that both man and woman are equally important in the divine scheme. They are represented here naked, stripped of their facade of ego. Behind the man is the Tree of Life, bearing 12 luscious fruits; behind the woman is the Tree of Knowledge, representing good and evil. Notice the serpent entwined around it. The initial interpretation conveys all that is human in the ways of love, the mysteries of male and female relationships which embrace innocence, romance, courtship and marriage. These include all the complications that lack of understanding between man and woman create. Going deeper into this beautiful symbol, we can see the young man looking up at the woman, but she does not return his look. The woman is looking at the angel Raphael, who is the angel of Air. Raphael continually bestows blessings upon humanity. Our lesson here is that man continually cuts himself off from blessings and guidance by using only his conscious intellect. Man represents the conscious intellect; by looking at the female, he is appealing to his subconscious, who in turn holds her head high and obtains divine wisdom and guidance from the super-conscious, represented by Raphael. This uplifting meditation enables you to realize that when you feel alone it is only because you refuse to reach out for heavenly inspiration, the promise of the Almighty.


Allow ample time for this deep meditation. Reflect on the ancient symbology which will lead you into higher paths of self-understanding via the conscious, subconscious and supercon-scious. The only resistance you will encounter is the conscious self, which is always on guard with reason and logic.

SEPHIROTH = Triad of Intelligence PATH = 17 — Tiphares — Binah HEBREW = Zain ENGLISH = Sword


Important to exercise self-discipline. With continued effort you can win the day and be triumphant.


Achievement now with effort from you; Control emotions, dreams come true.


Remove all obstacles and then you will have the vision to go ahead.

Honor, award or recognition is due to the client.

Harness your energy; it must be applied wisely or you will not make your point.


A portentous situation, indicating wrong use of energies and talent. Possible negative vibrations of unfairness, pressure, force.


All is not well, this you can see; Living this way just cannot be.


A Court Card within the spread indicates someone in your life who has no consideration or concern.

Wastefulness and indulgence can be your downfall.

Too much energy channelled through an overbearing attitude, and considerable application of unnecessary force.




PRINCIPLE = Substantiality

EXPRESSION = Father/Creator/ God/Intellec-tual/Active



As this beautiful meditation unfolds, one quickly senses the merging of divine forces which create a completely new vista of cosmic consciousness, revealing the unique necessity of positive and negative energies. The spiritual seeker learns that the portrayal of the princely being within the symbol is akin to the human body, which houses the spiritual forces of the soul. This majestic figure is like Apollo, who was the patron of light, life and healing. He represented the discipline and morals of human existence and the rules contained within the law of things. From Apollo and his followers we received the inspiring philosophy of Gnothi Seauton — Know Thyself. As we pursue our journey in this life we must be ever thoughtful of the flow of cosmic energies and the natural laws and be mindful of our ultimate goal, which should come to full realization by our controlling and understanding the God power within us all. We are indeed well blessed: the heavenly will is the gift of free will to all men. It is our divine inheritance to explore and realize the purpose of our existence and control our every act with the heavenly tools that God gave us.


Understanding that life is affected by inner control, this meditation should be a priority for the student seeking order within himself. For the beginner I recommend regular meditation on this symbol to prepare for the balance needed for deeper comprehension. Three in the afternoon or three in the morning is the time cycle recommended to meditate on the symbol of the Chariot.

SEPHIROTH = Triad of Intelligence

HEBREW = Cheth


ASTROLOGY = Sagittarius GNOTHOLOGY = Wisdom,

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