The Hanged

Faith has been the strength of saints and can withstand all cruel reasoning. The simplicity of faith is my need for today. Grant me this gift, dear Lord: When things go wrong, let me have faith; when I am challenged, let me show faith; when I seek for answers, let rne ask in faith. I put my day into Thy divine order, I ask Thee to be a part of all i do today. Let faith shine through my eyes so that others in need of faith may share it. 1 will not demand answers today, 1 will not be concerned, for my faith is in Thee. I offer my day to all who are in need of Thy word. Let this day be an example to all and a worthwhile offering to my heavenly Father. Amen.


I am a part of Thy eternal plan and know that change is hard for me to understand. Because I am insecure, I try to hold on to that which gives me strength. Help me to understand this ever-changing existence. When change is thrust upon me, fill me with understanding and acceptance. Life moves on and nothing is permanent in this world; this 1 know, dear Father, but I have not always the strength to recognize thy Holy will. Open my eyes so that I may see and understand the reasons for change and be ready to accept them in my daily life. 1 offer this day to you, dear Lord, and as the day begins, prepare me to see and acknowledge the constant change in everything. When change comes into my life, be with me, Father, so that 1 may find the comfort of Thy holy presence and accept Thy divine will. Amen.


Today I pray for total balance in every thought, word and deed. Help me. Father, to maintain this perfect balance; let no one upset the peace 1 find here with Thee this morning. Tranquility and peacc are the result of temperance, and I pray for this total harmony in all that I may do this day. Speak my heart, dear Lord, and let me know if my actions offend thee. Purify my thoughts so that I do no one an injustice. Let the beauty of all Thy gifts to men inspire my soul, and may this day be filled and made complete by a contribution from me. Peace, tranquility, balance, harmony. Amen.


As I begin this clay with Thee, dear Father, I realize that my way of life can take me away from Thee. My earthly pleasures and material concerns often blind me to Thy gift of life. Teach me to appreciate all that I have and not to spoil my day with greed for things that really do not matter. Teach me a sense of true values, fill me with the treasures of Heaven. I pray for all my needs and for the needs of my loved ones, and may I spend this day thanking Thee for all the blessings Thou hast given to me and my family. My worries and concerns of this earthly life I now offer up to Thee so that I may walk in peace this day. Amen.


I have lost sight of myself, dear Lord; 1 feel that I have wandered far away from Thy heavenly love. I have been too concerned with myself and in my selfishness 1 forget to pray for those I love. Break down this facade, dear Father, and let me truly know myself. 1 am lost and full of false pride; take me unto Thy loving care, open my eyes and let me see the glory of truth. I feel afraid to let go and yet my need to return to Thee is much greater. Help me. Father, to come home and bless this new day with new life and hope. Let me start living again today. Amen.


I thank Thee, heavenly Father, for all Thy wondrous gifts: for the blessing of health Thou so generously bestoweth upon me; for my loved ones and the responsibilities I have toward them. Thank you. Father, for my home, and all my humble possessions. It is good to feel the life energies surging through my body and to know that 1 am a part of Thy Divine Plan. As 1 face this new day, let me be aware of all the blessings that surround me; may I take time to look at the flowers and to see Thy purpose in every little child. How merciful Thou art, dear Father, to be always with me, and each breath I take should be a constant reminder of Thy presence. How often I go through my day without speaking to Thee. Only when I am miserable and unhappy do I seem to acknowledge Thee. Let me take the time to count my blessings, and in the joy of this new day to thank Thee with my whole heart and soul. My every hope and desire is to know Thee better; please show me how. Amen.


So often I am deceived, dear Lord, by my own actions and thoughts. I become so totally involved in my own schemes that 1 lose contact with reality. My imagination builds a dividing wall and 1 pai nfully try to live in my own false world. Break down my fears and let me feel the healing of Christ. I feel so cut off, dear Father, help me to find my way back to Thee. Teach me to pray and relieve me of all my past sins. May this new day bring me the closeness I need so much. Help me to forgive myself so that 1 may come to Thee; show me the way of Christ and let His light shine upon me. Give me the .strength to leave my old ways and start this day with Thee, dear Father. If I should weaken, let me hear Thy voice. 1 need Thy guidance, 1 need to see the light; in Thy mercy grant me this peace. Amen.


lodav I want to share my happiness with you, dear Father, as so often 1 forget to do this. Every simple pleasure I experience I want to share with Thee. When I look around me and see the many blessings and achievements that my family and I have received, my heart fills with indescribable joy. How can I thank Thee, dear Father? The blessings are so many. Let me give this day to Thee in love and adoration; may all those who share this day with me feel Thy gracious spirit at work, at home and in everything I do and experience. May all the decisions I make be worthy of Thy continued blessings. I am so full of love that it is difficult for me to express my true feelings. My faith is strengthened when I see all my blessings around me. My prayer today is to express my appreciation by giving others the joy that the Christ Light brings. Amen.


Thank you, Father, for the awakening I feel inside me; how fortunate I ant to be a child of God. Thou hast known my torment and struggle, and when I was in the darkness of despondency Thou did show me the way. How grateful I am to know Thy love; in Christ all things are possible. There is so much that I must learn and accomplish; help me to completely restore my soul with Thy bounteous love. Fill me with Thy heavenly grace so that I may lift my consciousness to a higher level of understanding I am blessed with the faith of knowing my Father and 1 wish to walk the way of Christ. If it be Thy holy will, let me help others who are searching for Thy blessed presence. May this day be filled with continued joy of the spirit; how glad I am to be alive! May every thought and action glorify thy Holy Name. Amen.


Release me, Father, from my insecurity, help me to do what I must do this day. Liberate me from the limitations of my own thoughts. May 1 be generous in my opinions and allow for the success of others. Let me face any changes with courage and understanding. Grant me the grace to see that change is a new experience I must accept in order to grow spiritually. Take away any fear I may have and replace it with the courage to see and acknowledge the changing world and how I must grow with it. I thank Thee for Thy many blessings and ask Thee, dear Father, to give me Thy special blessing today on all that I may do. I pray for confidence and guidance, and in all humility I accept whatever responsibility may be given me. Stay with me, dear Father, and share this special day with me. Amen.

Within this treasure chest of human emotion, you will discover a prayer appropriate for each day of your life. The beautiful vibrations radiated by each Major symbol will help you to commune with God and bring His light into your mind and heart whenever you need it. As you become familiar with these prayers, you can add whatever personal appeal you wish, but keep your thoughts simple and direct. Prayer takes us within ourselves and allows us to break down the barriers of materiality that so often separate us from the loving grace of our Heavenly Father.

The Major Arcana Symbols In Our Lives

The secret of learning the Major Arcana is not to see them as individual cards. Rather, think of them as 22 symbols which represent YOU, MANKIND, HUMANITY.

Your approach to learning these symbols should be an intensely personal one — you must strive to find the interpretation that is right for you. Don't worry about the interpretations of other writers and Tarot Masters as expressed in the multitude of books on the subject. Rather, using the guidelines 1 will present here, approach each card with a totally open mind, free from bias and preconceptions. You must learn to look beyond the pictures, die symbols on the cards, and into your own I Iigher Seif, so that the Major Arcana become a part of your consciousness, as natural as breathing. In this way you will open the floodgates for the spiritual fountains of wisdom to flow into your soul and mind.

When you find that a certain symbol promotes a certain association or thought pattern on a regular basis, don't fight it — don't waste time trying to reconcile it with another interpretation you may feel at a more surface level. If you receive a definite impression, follow it through, explore it in depth, and when you feel comfortable with it, make it your own.

Look at your daily life and habits: without thinking much about it consciously, you have adopted a certain way of going about everyday chores, ¿1 pattern of behavior. Some may brush their teeth before taking a shower; others, only afterwards. Some people can only sleep hang on their backs, while others have to curl up on their right or left sides. As a rule, we don't give these decisions a second thought — they come as naturally to us as eating.

This is the way to work with the Tarot. Our goal is to get to the point at which we no longer have to think about interpretations or meanings of cards consciously. To enable us to do this, we must come to understand the 22 symbols of the Major Arcana in relation to our own lives. We must become aware of their meaning in our everyday experiences; as we do so, we villi come lo understand ourselves as well.

As an example of how we come to feel the influence of these symbols in our lives, let me tell you about a recent experience of feeling the EMPRESS vibration in my daily routine. I was at home, busily preparing for a special birthday party. I had fixed lots of wonderful food and the house was looking absolutely perfect. In a short time, all of my family would be arriving for the celebration. I had on a new dress, the sun was shining, I felt rich and blessed with abundance. Then the family arrived, and when the candles were lit on the birthday cake, I looked at all my children and grandchildren and felt intensely the joy and blessings that were showered upon me. It would be impossible to adecjuately describe the feelings of happiness and contentment 1 experienced then — except to say that I truly reflected the vibration of THE EMPRESS!

The symbols of the Major Arcana, then, represent every experience that man can encounter on the earth plane. The secret that the ancient masters have handed down to us is that all earthly emotions and experiences are contained within the symbology of the Tarot, and a true and thorough understanding of this symbology enables us to elevate our everyday feelings and experiences into a higher spiritual vibration, transmuting our very lives just as the ancient alchemists transmuted base metals into gold.

The Story of Life

Think of the Major Arcana as a story — the story of life — with 22 chapters. To hilly understand the story, you must become involved in and study each chapter thoroughly, not only for itself but also for its relationship to the chapters that precede and follow it. Each card is a separate chapter in the story. Merely knowing the title of each chapter is not enough; you need to understand thoroughly the content of the chapter — the characters and situations involved. This is the only way to fully appreciate what is conveyed in the whole story.

The conscious mind is not able to grasp fully the symbolism of the Tarot. You must relax and allow your subconscious to absorb the message contained in the story of the Major Arcana, for it is an extension of the physical into the spiritual — another dimension of comprehension. It cannot be adequately described, for it is built on foundations of the subconscious — its reality is within the Higher Self. Through meditation and a sincere desire to understand the timeless message of the Tarot, we can come to a deep, personal comprehension of our own spiritual framework — who we are, what we have built for ourselves and why, and wrhere we are going.

Our next exercise is designed to help you develop the sensitivity' required to attain this spiritual understanding of the Major Arcana symbols. Study it carefully, for the Spiritual Path of the Major Arcana is the story of life — the life of each of us on the earthly plane and beyond.


1. Same as Step 1 in EXERCISE 1.

2. Read and meditate slowly and carefully on the following story, with the appropriate cards before you as you do so.


We begin our journey with the pure, untouched soul, not yet of this world. All wisdom and knowledge, containing the total essence of God, are contained in the innocence of a newborn baby, physically present in the world now, yet still enveloped in the Higher Consciousness.


Before man are the tools of Higher Consciousness. As he becomes involved with the material plane, he is given all he needs lo achieve success here on earth. As he develops his ego, he must endeavor to retain his spiritual equilibrium and use his God-given tools to reach his heavenly goal.

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