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This man is usually a man of authority, either civilian or attached to the military. His self image is secure, and he could also be with the government or a lawyer. 1 le is level-headed and gives good advice.

This woman is usually endowed with a strong character and displays a good wit. Her appearance and mannerisms suggest she has money. She could be a widow or a woman widiout children.

This young man is always helpful and will give strength to others. He can be a bit too domineering, but always means well. He is very helpful and can be depended upon.

This bov/girl/child of either sex is ALWAYS associated with MESSAGES, NEWS, INFORMATION, etc., as are the Pages of Wands and Cups. This person is bright and energetic.

This man is usually at the top in industry; he may be associated with mathematics in some way. He is often married, with children, and is living a secure life.

This woman is usually efficient, generally very capable at anything she attempts. She can be both mother and business executive. She uses her talents in many ways and can be very creative. However, she tends to be moody, melancholy and sentimental.

KNIGHT This young man is serious and methodical.

He is very trustworthy but also can be very unimaginative. He is patient and forebearing and loves animals and nature.

PAGE This boy/girl/child of cither sex is ALWAYS

associated with MESSAGES, NEWS, INFORMATION, etc., like the Pages of the other three Families. This person respects others and appreciates the value of study and learning.

Multiple Court Cards

Whenever three Court Cards of the same title (three Kings, three Pages, etc.) appear in a spread, the following special meanings may apply:

THREE KINGS Can indicate some public recognition, honor, publicity or celebration.

THREE QUEENS Can indicate a meeting, gathering or public function for women.

THREE KNIGHTS Can indicate situations involving schools, colleges, fraternities or other institutions of learning.

THREE PAGES Can indicate important news, information, etc., that will have a strong influence on the client's future activities.

When you have spent an evening getting to know each of the Court Families and feel that you know them well, you may go on to EXERCISE 7, which will deepen the relationship.


1. Same as Step 1 in EXERCISE 1.

2. Select the SEED from the SEED PATTERN for all KINGS.

3. Pick up one of the KTNGS and gaze into the picture, repeating the esoteric SEED chosen from the SEED PATTERN. Experience the depth of all the KING'S characteristics as you continue to repeat the SEED. Go deeply into the nature of the KING.

4. Bring the card to your Inner Eye, focusing your energies on the KINC. and his SFF.D.

5. Holding the SEED centered in the Inner Eye, let your mind begin to surround the SEED with the vibratory force of the SUIT KEY. Allow the energies to merge together in your mind,

6. Now holding the SEED and SUIT KEY as one, feel the personality of the KING come to life. Remember these concepts, as you meditate:

c. The fusing of the two energies brings about the full force of the KING'S nature, transforming him into a complete, substantial personality.

7. Holding this full inner picture of the KING, bring the card down to your Solar Plexus. As it makes contact, become aware of the life and force emanating from the KING.

8. As your concentration gently fades away, replace the first KING with the second and repeat the exercise with each of the remaining three KINGS.

9. After a short rest period, repeat Steps 1-7 with each of the remaining Court Cards.

With frequent practice, this exercise should give you a deep and wonderful familiarity with all the Court Cards and the depths of character they represent.

The Court Cards in Divination

It is important to remember that the Court Cards can represent TWO channels of information in a spread: PEOPLE and SITUATIONS involving people. Your sensitivity and awareness during a divination will indicate the choice. Your client's original question and the nature of the guidance from the spread in general will determine the purpose of each Court Card. An abundance of Court Cards in a spread will indicate that many people are involved in the given situation.

When a Court Card appears as the LAST card in a Celtic Spread/ it indicates that the answer to the client's question or the solution to his problem is strongly connected to a person with the characteristics exemplified by that card. This final Court Card can represent

1. The client

2. A person involved in the client's lifepath

3. A person who MAY become involved with the client in the future. If you believe that die card represents your client, it may mean that the answer or solution he is seeking rests with this person alone. There are two significant ways of approaching the Tarot for divination:

1. Ask a direct question and transfer the vibrations from the client to the deck by asking him or her to write down the question.

2. Ask NO questions, but open vour consciousness and ask for the WISDOM OF THE TAROT.

When the Wisdom of the Tarot Ls asked for a female client, and a multiple of QUEENS appear in the spread, they may indicate the different aspects of character displayed by the client in her everyday life. Likewise, if a multiple of KINGS appear in the spread of a male client, this also indicates the various aspects of his character.

Summing Up the Court Cards

Try not to be too rigid or too loose in your interpretation of the Court Cards. If a person seems to strongly resemble the King of Wands, don't hesitate if he doesn't happen to have blue eyes! If you have applied yourself diligently to the Thought Track so far, you will have the knowledge within you to make the right decisions. Before proceeding to a study of the Minor Mentors in the next section, be sure you are thoroughly at home with the Court Cards and have doneall the exercises faithfully for a period of at least several weeks. The ability to fuse the proper SEED with the proper SUIT KEY for each card will give you a depth and fluidity in your inner vision.

• The Celtic Spread is a certain way of laying out ehe card*; we will study it in detail in Chapter 11.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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