Time to think and contemplate; Dreams come true but you must wait.


Be prepared, things are changing; make your plans now.

Give yourself time; situation getting better, no hurry.

Indicates a convalescent period: time to renew energies both physical and mental.

The shadow over your life is slowly moving away.

REVERSE KEY: Back into action again! Good opportunities a-head, but tread carefully.


Need for action, move with care; Of indiscretion be aware.


Use discretion, be careful, think before you commit yourself.

Feeling of opposition; difficult to get things moving.

Indication of unrest and problems at place of work.

Don't make promises at this time; situation could rapidly change.


TETRAGRAMMATON = YOD PRINCIPLE = Substantiality EXPRESSION = Father/Brahma/ Neutral/Earth


SUIT KEY = Struggle & Animosity MULTIPLE = Struggle & Effort SIGNIFICANCE = Continual

Effort & Endeavor

ASTROLOGY = Scorpio/Taurus/ Venus

GNOTHOLOGY = Self-discipline


NEXT TO ANY ACE: Need to reevaluate any long-term plans or other considerations. Although you may not yet be involved, check everything before going ahead.

THREE OR MORE COURT CARDS IN THE SPREAD: Difficulties in certain relationships. Do not proceed with any new ventures unless you feel absolutely secure.

NEXT TO JUDGEMENT: You have undergone much pressure and it is important that you understand the lesson. Avoid any similar speculation or involvement.

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