To fully understand the female principle and evolutionary process, we must realize that the mystery of woman and her ability to produce children is unique and God-given. We must learn to appreciate the qualities of motherhood and how the strength of the female relates to earthly responsibilities. Woman plays a remarkable role in nature: it is through her that man is born. The Empress in all her feminine glory fulfills every man's dreams and hopes. We should attempt to study her earthly role and feel the essence of life pulsate in every living thing. Know the majestic splendor of continual reproduction in the whole concept of nature. Experience the throb of Divinity in every growing thing. Learn to listen to the constant cry of mankind reaching out to touch its destiny. Through each other, man and woman should find peace and harmony. Meditation on this vibrant symbol will teach us the true purpose of life. We must understand that the Empress does not represent the female alone; in her hidden symbols the program of life is a haunting melody of continual fulfillment. The pure joy of this beautiful symbol is in all of us. It is awakened by our mother and completed through our mate or partner. True love is being in perfect harmony with the universal heartbeat, finding in each other the glory of the Father.

Potential Meditational Therapy Life

Potential Meditational Therapy Life

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