When one feels completely submerged in material matters, the soul appeals to the mind, longing for inner peace. The inner voice should not be ignored, you must learn to respond to your spiritual needs in the same way that you seek medical help when your body feels pain. If your life is in a turmoil, meditation on this symbol will help you contact your real needs. Ambition and progress should not be confused with greed and selfishness. As you enter into meditation, examine your goals, look at the people around you and see how they are affected by your needs. Are you tied to earthly concerns and physical desires? Do you find room in your prayers to pray for others as well as your own requirements? Ask your heavenly Father to help you on your earthly journey but not at the expense of others. Come as a little child and ask for the self-made chains to be broken, leaving you free to make amends. As you lift your thoughts and prayers to a higher plane of consciousness, be truly sorry for any hurt you may have caused others and ask God to show you how to use your earthly energies for the good of those around you. Drink in His mercy, thank Him for His goodness and may the energies you feel be transformed into pure light for others to see.

Before retiring, bathe and wear a loose robe. Sit on the floor cross-legged or in a straight-backed chair. Meditate on this symbol until you feel the forgiveness of your Higher Self flowing into your conscious thoughts.

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