As we go into meditation with the Emperor, we need to explore the order of the higher planes and to learn how discipline affects law and order here on earth. Only by aspiring to a higher and keener development of spiritual law can we begin to accept the divine principles here in our materialistic world. On reflection we can see that the balance of man is only disturbed when he is not in tune with the necessary order of things. When man allows his life cycle to become entirely dependent on earthly things, he becomes isolated and is aware of spiritual friction; in this predicament he resorts to his basic emotions and blames others for the mess he is personally responsible for. Bitterness is the result, and we can easily become sour critics and slowly burn away the life-giving forces with anger and unhappinesss. Our goal in this meditation is to reach out to the source of heavenly perfection and to learn why the natural laws are important to each individual. We must learn to be grateful for the strict discipline of the heavens and endeavor to bring the same balance into our own lives. Clarity of soul awaits the man who keeps the divine law and also abides by man's law.

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

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