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Esoteric Approach to Suit Keys




Random Selection of Suit Keys




Esoteric Approach to the Aces




Thought Track




Synthesizing the Seed with the Suit Key




Sensitivity Key to Court Cards




Court Cards on the Thought Track




Daily Prayer with the Major Arcana




The Spiritual Path of Lhe Major Arcana




Entering the Major Arcana




Analysis of the Celtic Cross

Many of my previous students will immediately realize that here is a higher esoteric interpretation for each Tarot symbol, as promised. I sincerely hope that their spiritual vision may be enhanced and that these lessons will give even greater satisfaction than the preliminary lessons of the past.


It has been said that the Tarot cards contain the secrets of the universe. It is only through the discovery of your own hidden depths that you may explore the Higher Spiritual Self and begin to learn these secrets. When you allow sensitivity of the soul to open the door, the ancient symbols of the Tarot will reveal their mysteries to you.

The best way to commence your studies is to work to discard inner conflicts and impatience. A new student can easily become confused and discouraged trying to absorb the varied interpretations and sometimes conflicting theories of the Tarot's origin and history. The reason for these apparent contradictions is that each Tarot Master has expressed personal conclusions, based on his own experience and study, independent of other opinions. It is advisable, therefore, to approach the Tarot with an open mind. Once you have experienced the fascinating accuracy of divination and have learned how to read the ancient symbols with sensitivity, you will be ready for in-depth study. Until then, be content to learn at your own pace and enjoy the awakening of your own psychic abilities as you take your journey as an apprentice down the Royal Road of Tarot.

Behind the intriguing disguise of the Tarot deck is the entrance to an astonishing dimension of occult wisdom. Throughout the ages, simple uncluttered souls have been able to enjoy the benefits of hidden wisdom naturally and easily, perhaps because they could readily accept God's laws and had respect for the eternal soul of man. Children can often let go and wander at will in the higher realms. Perhaps many of us today are too bogged down with a "prove it" kind of attitude, thus making us totally unprepared to receive the guidance of our Higher Self. Intuition, an absolutely natural sense, is slowly becoming extinct from lack of use. Until we learn again to trust our own inner feelings, we will be forced to live in the limitations of practical thought, which does not allow us to expand our consciousness beyond everyday affairs.

Whenever we attempt to approach our Higher Self by vising our powers of reason and intellect, we always arrive at a point of utter confusion and frustration. We can go to great lengths to find reasons tor this dilemma, we can philosophize with each other, but we always arrive at the same conclusion eventually. The dilemma will be solved once we realize that the key to self knowledge is pure simplicity. We must relax not only the body, but the busy mind, letting go of everyday problems and concerns, allowing the higher vibrations to flow through our mind and body.

Unfortunately, when we do have an opportunity to unwind and make contact with our Higher Self, we often try to wrestle with our problems on a conscious level, striving to manipulate and solve them completely on our own. With the right attitude, we can rise to the Higher Consciousness and achieve a level of peace, balance and harmony, wherein the solutions to our problems will come to us naturally and our anxieties will be overcome.

With practice, you can achieve this state of mind at will, like other students before you. But you may feel that you have tried this before, thatit doesn't work for you. If so, you probably haven't tried long enough or hard enough, orunder therightconditions. Choose a time when you are not too tired, for instance. When you are physically or mentally exhausted, you are apt to allow your mind to drift backwards and forwards over the day's activities and eventually fall asleep amidst thi. inner whirlpool. This results in your waking up so tired that you feel you haven't been to sleep at all.

When you are not tired, you can achieve the physical and mental relaxation which is a prerequisite to probing the higher realms of consciousness, and can exert direction and will toward this endeavor. Approach it as you would any other activity intended to give you pleasure. Be alert and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. Be objective and use the exercises in this Handbook as you would any educational instruction. This attitude will help you speed your goal of inner realization, a goal which should be that of all men: Cncihi seauton—Know thyself.

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