Kinc Queen Knight Page

4. Touch the four cards lightly with your fingertips and feel the general characteristics of the WAND FAMILY:

a. Hair coloring b. Eyes c. Skin coloring d. Overall physical characteristics

5. When you have the general feeling of the WAND FAMILY, try to enlarge and deepen your impressions. Repeat Steps 4a, b and c, this time trying to feel more depth:

a. As you gently touch the four cards, envision \he personality behind the picture. Slart with the KING: see the length of his hair,notice how it is styled. Ts it thick, strong hair or is it thin and weak? Is it curly or is it straight? Light or dark?

b. Concentrate on the KING'S eyes. Are they sincere? Does he look kind or stern? Do you feel that you would like to know him?

c. Remember the SUIT KEY for WANDS—ENTERPRISE & DISTINCTION. Does the KING give the impression of worldliness and sophistication? Is he a professional man? Do you think him distinguished? Would you go to him with a problem? Can you feel ENTERPRISE & DISTINCTION when you concentrate on him?

6. Continue the exercise by applying Steps 5a, b and c above to each of the remaining members of the WAND FAMILY: QUEEN, KNIGHT, PAGE.

From this exercise you can see that merely learning the hair, eyes and skin coloring of each Court Card is not enough. Without a deeper insight into their personalities, they lack sufficient individuality for our purposes. Although similar in many ways, sharing a likeness just as any family would, each is different in age and general attitude. Also, the sexes vary: the King and Knight are, of course, male and the Queen female, but remember that the Page can be either sex, representing a young boy or girl or an infant.

The real secret of learning the Court Cards is to treat them like real people. Get to know them as individuals, not merely as pictorial representations of people or as symbols for various human characteristics. Take the time to become thoroughly familiar with each member of each Family, until they are like old friends. Then, each time you meet someone, decide mentally which member of the Court Families this person most resembles. But remember to make these comparisons in depth whenever possible, as we often meet people who remind us of other people we already know. This is an excellent exercise, and will help to fix the members of the Court Families more firmly in your subconscious. Be flexible in your comparisons of people to the Court Cards, for humanity does not conform to strict patterns. The cards cannot represent every single type of person on earth, but you will find that the great majority of humanity can be encompassed in these 16 personalities.

Remember that two of the Families, WANDS and PENTACLES, can each represent two types of people:


PENTACLES = WHITE HAIR FAIR SKIN ANY COLOR EYES or = DARK HAIR DARK SKIN DARK EYES So, as you practice your seasitivity exercise, try to envision another addition to the family with the secondary characteristics. For example, think of a family of one type gathered together in a living room, when in walks a cousin of the family with many similarities but different coloring. In the case of PENTACLES, this "cousin" may even be of a different race. It is important to note here that although the personalities depicted in the Court

Families are Caucasian in appearance, members of all races are intended to be represented, just as the ancient masters meant for the esoteric wisdom of the Tarot to pass into the hands of all men, regardless of color or nationality.

As you proceed in your study of the Court Families, remember to link their characteristics firmly with 'their respective SUIT KEYS (EXERCISE 6, Step 5c):



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