Dear Heavenly Father, I entreat Thee to graciously bestow upon me Thy heavenly blessing. Purify my thoughts and actions so that they may be guided and directed by Thy divine wisdom. Believing that all things are possible in Thy Name, I beseech Thee in all humility to fill my whole being with love, compassion and understanding for all those who come my way. Bless me with true knowledge and the ability to receive Thy everlasting love into my soul, so that I may sincerely seek out the truth in Thy Holy Name. Help me to rise above my own earthly concerns and to inspire those who are in need of Thy love and guidance at this time. Thank you, Father, AMEN.

Break the Pack

Tarot cards are like mirrors of the soul, reflecting knowledge and wisdom. To keep their vision crystal clear, you must handle them correctly, so that they are not clouded by indistinct or irrelevant spiritual impressions. This is the reason for "breaking the pack."

Whenever you have used your cards for study or divination, it is necessary to disperse any previous energies by thoroughly shuffling the pack before you wrap it in the Tarot Cloth and put it away in its wooden box. Then, when you are ready for a new reading, remove the pack, carefully unwrap it and hold it between your palms in an attitude of prayer while you recite the previous INVOCATION. Now you are ready to "break the pack" and work with the client. As you perform the break and shuffle the cards, you are also demonstrating to the client how it is to be done by him.

The more you work with your cards, the more responsive to outside energies they become, and I recommend strongly that you break the cards both before and after each reading. Let me give you an example from my own experience.

I was once given a purse I had admired, and I used it to carry my Tarot cards, pad and pencil. After doing this two or three times, I realized that I was receiving an impression of insecurity, which would leave as soon as I had broken the pack. I became curious and asked the friend who had given me the bag about this. She explained that once someone had attempted to take the bag from her in a department store, and it was only because she had the strap securely on her shoulder that the would-be purse-snatcher did not succeed. But this experience upset her greatly for a while and she had feelings of insecurity every time she went out with the purse. But eventually these emotions subsided and she had forgotten the incident entirely when she gave me the bag. Even long after, her feelings of insecurity had been transmitted to my cards through the purse. "Thoughts are things," and the amazing sensitivity of the Tarot had picked them up!

Have the Client Perform the Preliminary Procedures

In order to ensure the proper rapport and flow of esoteric energies between you and your client, explain to him clearly and directly the procedures he is to perform before the actual divination can begin. After you have chatted with the client for a few minutes to put him at ease and you are correctly seated at the table; after you have removed your deck from the cloth, repeated the Prayer of Invocation and broken the pack; and after the client has written down his question or "Wisdom of the Tarot" and placed it before him:

1. As you break the pack, tell the client that you are going to ask him to shuffle and cut the cards.

2. After you have shuffled the cards for a few moments, hand them to the client and tell him to shuffle them just as you did, or in any way he desires. Tell the client to concentrate intensely on the written question or "Wisdom" request as he shuffles.

3. After the client has shuffled the cards for a few minutes, tell him to cut the deck into three stacks, still concentrating on his question. Holding the deck in his left hand, he releases a certain number of cards; then moving from right to left, he releases a second stack; to the left of that, he releases the remaining cards in a third stack.

4. Then instruct the client to pick up the three stacks with his left hand, starting with the first stack at his far right, then the center stack, then the last stack.

5. Now tell the client that you will be reading the cards in the position that they are handed to you, so at this point he may either turn them around or hand them to you just as they are.

6. Take the cards from the client, being careful to keep them in the same position he gives them to you, and perform the final procedure before actually commencing the spread, the Ritual of Solidification.

Perform the Ritual of Solidification

Like many others in this Handbook, the Ritual of Solidification is a very old procedure, handed down through many ages. "Solidification" means to make or become solid, to crystallize, to become strong or united.

When you receive the pack from the client, hold it firmly between the palms of your hands and press gently three times, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This act of faith unites with strength the wisdom to be received from the Divine Trinity of God.

You need not do this little ritual openly; it is performed in silence and dignity, yet it is a very inspirational gesture and the perfect way to strengthen the channel to the Higher Self.

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