For example, you can see from studying this chart that A profusion of WANDS in a divination spread would generally indicate a situation involving ENTERPRISE AND DISTINCTION. A profusion of CUPS would indicate LOVE AND HAPPINESS. A profusion of SWORDS would indicate STRUGGLE AND ANIMOSITY.

A profusion of PENTACLES would indicate MONEY INTERESTS. Not only do the individual cards combine to reveal information, but you will observe a general overall aspect from the predominance of any one suit in a spread.

To help you keep these associations in mind, you should commit to memory the following SUIT KEYS, which are the associations the cards possess on the material level:



Take each individual suit in turn and concentrate only on the appropriate SUIT KEY. Try to sense the vibration surrounding the cards; meditate on the associations daily, until you reach the point at which the association automatically enters your mind whenever you see or think about the appropriate suit. Once you have achieved this, you are ready to try the esoteric approach in EXERCISE 1 on page 20.

Pick up one suit of ten cards and while holding them, close your eyes and concentrate for a few moments on its SUIT KEY. Try to take upon yourself the characteristics of the SUIT KEY—imagine yourself experiencing feelings of enterprise and distinction, love and happiness, struggle and animosity, or whatever is appropriate for the cards you have chosen. Take your time and try to build the SUIT KEY around you, like an actor assuming a role.

When you have accomplished this with one suit, repeat the experience with each of the other suits. Then lay all four suits before you on a table and pick them up at random, each time firmly implanting the vibratory influence of their SUIT KEYS in your mind. Holding and handling the cards while you concentrate will greatly help to build this sensitivity.

After you have done this repeatedly for a few days, you should be able to select any of the four suits at random and feel the appropriate SUIT KEY response. Having the ability to feel the four SUIT KEYS will provide a substantial foundation for further study, much as learning how to draw provides a foundation for an illustrator or a realist painter.

If you work with a partner, have him or her give you the names of the different suits, and as you hear them, pick up the cards and name the SUIT KEYS. Don't rush—allow enough time to really fed the vibrations of the SUIT KEYS, for you are combining sensitivity with memory, rather than merely memorizing by rote. This exercise, done properly, conscientiously and consistently, will develop your intuitive ability to a great degree.

When you feel you have achieved the proper associations, you are ready to perform the exercises which appear on the following pages.


1. Make sure your surroundings are comfortable, quiet and restful. Relax as completely as you can.

2. Select the suit of vour choice.

3. Select a card at random from the suit.

4. Holding it before you, slowly and firmly repeat to yourself the appropriate SUIT KEY.

5. Continue to repeat the SUIT KEY as you slowly bring the card up to your Inner Eye, the spiritual center located between the eyebrows at the top of the nose.

6. Hold the card against your Inner Eye for a few seconds, implanting the SUIT KEY vibrations firmly in this area.

7. Then lower the card to your Solar Plexus, the front center of the body, located just below the rib rage.

8. Allow the feeling of the SUIT KEY to flow through you.

As you did this exercise, you should have experienced the feelings of the suit the card belonged to. For example, if you chose the T1IREE OF CUPS, you should have felt warm, loving vibrations flowing through you as you tuned in to the SUIT KEY for Cups, LOVE & HAPPINESS.

This esoteric approach to study practice is the best way to stimulate your Higher Mind and allow your intuition to blossom in your pursuit of the Tarot's wisdom. When you can comfortably go through EXERCISE 1 using any card from the Minor Arcana (except the Court Cards) at random, tuning in smoothly to any of the SUIT KEYS, you are ready to go on to EXERCISE 2.


1. Same as Step 1 in Exercise 1.

2. Shuffle the 40 cards well.

3. Lay the pack face down on the table or Tarot cloth.

4. Turn the cards over one at a time, tuning in to the appropriate SUIT KEY for each card.

EXERCISES 1 and 2 should not be hurried. Since it will take some time to go through all 40 cards, try to pick a time when you will not be disturbed. Early in the morning is especially good. Practice EXERCISE 2 each day, until you have mastered the ability to tune in to the SUIT KEYS for all 40 cards at random. Now you are well on your way to complete mastery of the Tarot.


The Ace is the first card of each suit; it generally represents T1 IE BEGINNING = THE SEED

However, this beginning or seed is not always readily apparent in a spread. This beginning or seed can be

SEEN OR UNSEEN = KNOWN OR UNKNOWN = GOOD OR BAD Place the four Aces before you and imagine that they are the strings of a musical instrument. Gently run your fingers across the Aces and sense the vibrations of each of the four SUIT KEY'S. Feel the changing moods as you tune in to each SUIT KEY, the heights and depths, the love and struggle. Experience the change of energies and emotions as your fingertips tune into this esoteric "melody/' The Aces are very important to any spread, and you must learn to become especially sensitive to them and the seeds of events they contain.

On the next page you will find EXERCISE 3, an esoteric approach to the Aces.


1. Same as Step 1 in EXERCISE 1.

2. Pick up the Ace of Wands and bring it up to your Inner Eve.

3. Feel the mysterious seed of THE BEGINNING OF ENTERPRISE AND DISTINCTION coming to life and growing.

4. Holding the card to your Inner Eye firmly, say: "BEGINNING OF ENTERPRISE AND DISTINCTION." Continue to concentrate and repeat these words until you feel that your conscious mind has accepted this esoteric Key. Let it penetrate deeply into your mind, feel that it is a part of you.

5. Still holding this thought and no other, lower the card to your Solar Plexus and begin to feel the Ace of Wands maturing within you. Let the energies of ENTERPRISE AND DISTINCTION flow through your body while you continue to repeat the SUIT KEY.

6. When both mind and body have merged in thought and sensitivity and you feel totally aware of this experience—then relax.

7. After a few moments, repeat Steps 2-5 with the remaining three Aces, each time tuning in to the proper SUIT KEY and being aware of the inner flow of energy as it develops and progresses through to your Higher Consciousness.

Preparation for the Thought Track

Learning requires complete concentration. Whenever we attempt to absorb information without concentrating fully, our conscious mind cannot retain it or recall it later when we need it. Everything we experience is constantly being filed in our subconscious, but it is not easily retrieved, and thus cannot alwavs be utilized for our benefit whenever we wish.

Many intelligent people are so busy with insignificant day-to-day activities that they are never able to reach their fullest potential. Often they become frustrated and bitter, blaming other people or "circumstances'' for their own lack of personal achievement or progress. We can avoid this pitfall by learning to concentrate fully on whatever project is at hand and allowing our subconscious mind to release the information we need when we need it. We must learn to discard those things in our lives that are time-consuming and unnecessary and focus our attention on those things which are essential to our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

To help you achieve this concentration with regard to the Minor Arcana, I have constructed a THOUGHT TRACK (page 25) which provides a SEED PA'ITERN for the four Aces and the remainder of the Minor Arcana, including the Court Cards, as well. It will help you select a particular SEED for each card in the Minor Arcana, a SEED that has a special meaning to your Higher Self. Each card has its own SEED PATTERN, which is the esoteric pattern of the most important concepts symboli/.ed by that card.

Let's takean example from the THOUGHT TRACK, to show you how to work with it properly. You mav think ot this as a sort of preliminary to EXERCISE 4.

1. Same as Step 1 in EXERCISE 1.

2. Place the four Aces before you and focus your mind on the number ONE. ONE is the beginning, the vibratory number of CREATIVITY and INDIVIDUALITY. It is the ALPHA, from it all other numbers evolve.

3. Now look at the following excerpt from the THOUGHT TRACK on page 25. This is the SEED PATTERN for the number ONE, as symbolized by the Ace:


4. Concentrate on the SEED PATTERN of ONE, repeating it over and over to yourself:


ONE = YOD (the first Hebrew letter of the Name of God)" ONE = INDIVIDUALITY

Soon you will find that your subconscious mind will select one particular SFF.D from this pattern. It maybe ACE = YOD or ACE = INDIVIDUALITY or any of the other SEEDS. This particular SEED will then predominate in your mind whenever you repeat the SEED PATTFRN to yourself. However, you may find that your chosen SEED may change from time to time. This is because events in your daily life are constantly changing also. Your I ligher Self isaware of this fact, and as you develop your sensitivity, it will direct you to the most appropriate SEED for each occasion.

Before commencing EXERCISE 4, on the THOUGHT TRACK, you should have mastered thoroughly the three previous exercises. You should be able to tune in to the SUIT KEYS at will. Although each numerical sequence is identical, you should be able to link the SEED PATTERN for each number to its individual SUIT KEY, or the material situation implied by that numbered card. For example:







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