Number 11

Understanding the rhythm of life can mean the unfolding of nature's secrets. Take the time to look back, try to re-experience past happiness and sorrows, see what you considered important in your life at that time. Examine the results of the efforts you made and what you had to do to attain or lose things that you held dear. See how your needs have changed as the Wheel of Life has turned, see how nature falls beautifully into a non-resisting pattern, greeting spring but not demanding the fruits of harvest. Nature accepts the pattern of things, and each part of the yearly cycle is for a definite purpose. Consequently, we have the continuous pattern and rhythm of the seasons. Is your life flowing peacefully, do you accept that which is inevitable? Or do you work against life? Attune yourself to the rhythm of life, know that there is a time to plant, a time to wait and a time to reap the harvest. Try to understand that if you do not plant a seed then you cannot expect a harvest. If you find that you continually make the same mistakes, try to look back and understand why. Realize that every new day brings new opportunities and new challenges. Develop patience; if you have done the right things, then the right things will happen. Be still awhile and allow your body and mind to tune in to the rhythm of the universe. Come to God as a child, let him know all your mistakes, and trust in Him. Have no fears, let your tomorrows rest with God.

Never go to sleep depressed; take a good look at the Wheel of Life and know that you are protected. Learn to accept the ups and downs, and meditate on this symbol before retiring.

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