SEPHIROTH = Triad of Intelligence PATH = 28-Yesod — Netzach HEBREW = Tzaddi ENGLISH = Fishhook


He who conforms and diligently searches for truth must recognize that he himself is not truth.


You are right, according to Hoyle; Others' mistakes make your blood boil.


A nice person in a lot of ways, but can be stubborn and exasperating.

A solid organization, establishment or system. Not open to any changes.

Someone who prefers to belong for the sake of belonging. Outside appearances are important, likes to impress.


A keen sense of originality; one who is not afraid to undertake new ventures or explore and has an open mind.


Free spirit glows within your soul; New adventures make you whole.


Possibility of someone who will listen to new ideas, programs, etc.

Don't be afraid to speak your mind; do what you feel is best. Go ahead and have the courage of your convictions.

A new and refreshing vibration coming into your life. Can denote openmindedness and a frank outlook on life.

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