Emotional stress caused through frustration. Judgment is lacking; look before you leap.

Slow down and reevaluate everything. Continual pushing will not put things in order. A different approach is required.

Conflict in personal and business affairs. Forcing the issue is not the answer. There's a need for total change.



PRINCIPLE = Imponderability GNOTHOLOGY = Self-disci-

EXPRESSION = Son/Receiver/ pline




The symbol of Temperance is the key to higher planes of consciousness, releasing the ego and aspiring to the spiritual vision of the Higher Self. Man is a soul with a physical body and he must endeavor to look beyond the limitations he creates for himself. Rising to a higher level can result in many changes and bring about the rapid development of the psychic senses. When man learns to balance his earthly life he is in touch with his higher consciousness. As man is an essential part of the universal plan, he has stored within him the secrets of the universe. To unlock the door he must be prepared to live a spiritual life here on earth but be concerned with both material and spiritual matters, creating for himself tranquility, balance and harmony. It is in this state of perfect equilibrium that he will discover his true purpose here on earth. His vision will be extended beyond this world, he will be blessed with knowledge from the higher planes and his path will be made clear. To achieve this union with the Higher Self, we must leave behind our earthly desires and adjust our lives to absorb the lesson of this symbol.


In the morning before noon, preferably in the open air, taking time to relax and become in tune with the universe.

SEPHIROTH = Triad of Morality PATH = 25—Yesod—Tiphares HEBREW = Samech ENGLISH = Prop


Too involved and wrapped up in material concerns. Your journey in life is off course and you are now traveling up a: dead-end street.


Chains you grasped to change your life Now hold you tight and cause you strife.


Indulgence has created a miserable existence. Recognize what is happening around you and make amends.

A feeling of pressure and force brought about by lack of consideration and selfishness.

Bogged down with a sense of hopelessness, by your own efforts you can start again.


Indecision is weakness and can cause instability. Now that you have seen the light, you should re-sond quickly and free yourself from past habits.


Listen to your higher voice;

Chance your ways, you have the choice.


You have been influenced, and now that you recognize this fact, it is time to take the necessary action against this influence.

It's never too late to make amends; deal with your problems and avoid emotional outbreaks.

Being timid will only emphasize your weakness. Take the bull by the horns and do your own thing.

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