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5. This is what crowns you and could come into being.

When the Season Card appears in the fifth position, it must be read as part of the whole spread first. After you have interpreted the entire spread, you may then attempt to determine the time element if the client has requested this specifically. A Season Card in the fifth position indicates that if the situation under consideration continues to evolve in the same manner and with the same vibratory energy that surrounds the client at the time of the consultation, then you may assume that the event will materialize according to the reading. But the client must continue to produce the energy and enthusiasm to effect this result. Once a desire for something has been implanted into the ether, that thought energy projects forward into the possible future and will continue to grow and mature as long as it is assisted by constant mental effort. Like a plant that is cared for constantly, it will bloom into reality; but if the thought energy is not maintained, or becomes weakened and polluted by negative fears and doubts, the desire may not materialize at all. Indeed, this force works both ways: your fears may materialize instead! Positive thought energies produce positive results; so as "corny" as it may sound, keep your thoughts on as high a positive vibration as possible and your desires will materialize, sooner or later.

6. This is before you.

The Season Card in the sixth position makes the possibility of the event occurring at the time you predict far greater. This is because it indicates that the client has already determined the time element to a great degree by previously applying positive energies to the situation. Remember that not all future events likely to occur because of positive energies directed toward them are themselves positive! A future event may actually be negative in itself, but positive thinking will contribute to its materialization also, just as with a positive event. By developing your sensitivity and spiritual capability in divination, you will be able to guide your client through these sometimes difficult distinctions and keep him on the path he really wants to follow.

7. This represents your own negative feelings.

In analyzing the Season Card in the seventh position, you should take time to contemplate the entire spread before defining the time element. When the Season Card turns up here, you are immediately confronted with a negative thought barrier set up by the client. It may not necessarily represent a negative attitude toward the time factor connected with the query, but nevertheless, negative vibrations fight against the natural rhythm of events proceeding to their conclusions. So it is up to you to try and determine the balance of the entire spread and the amount of influence exerted upon it by the Season Card.

8. This represents the feelings of others around you.

The Season Card in the eighth position is encircled by an entirely different type of vibration: that of other people who may be involved in the situation under consideration. However, these vibrations are channeled through the client and are influenced by his reactions to them. Reading the time factor in the eighth position is fairly straightforward, but you must be aware that the event will come to pass as the Season Card forecasts, in association with or through the activities of another person or persons. The client is only a part of this future event.

9. This represents your own positive feelings.

In the ninth position, the Season Card must be considered carefully as an integral part of the entire spread. How it relates to the whole is very important in this position. You must determine the nature of the positive energies surrounding the event, as projected by the client, and ascertain whether or not they are in harmony with the client's query regarding the time factor. Your advice and counsel to the client in these circumstances can be of immense value, physically and spiritually, and can help him to channel his future life path constructively. From the foregoing material, you can see that the Season Cards are activated in any of the five positions from 5 through 9 in the Celtic Spreads. The time element is modified somewhat according to the position in which the Season Cards appear.

You should practice placing the Aces, or Season Cards, in the various Celtic positions and learn to master the subtle vibration that defines time. It is an important ability to possess in serious divination and your clients will often ask you to predict time factors in your readings. Before you attempt to forecast time elements for clients, however, you should practice with self-divination. Through time, concentration and serious study you can learn to master this ability with remarkable accuracy. It is exciting and encouraging to be able to forecase events with a reasonable degree of success and can be of great help to your clients.

Determining the Day

Determining the exact ¿¿ay upon which an event is likely to occur requires the use of a basic procedure from Gnothology, or esoteric Numerology. This is more involved than merely predicting the season or week; you must first obtain the client's PERSONAL LIFE CYCLE.

Numerology teaches that each number has its own vibratory frequency and level of spiritual power. Each human being has his own vibratory cycle, based on the numerical values of the numbers associated with the year and month of his birth. In Numerology, all compound numbers are reduced to a single digit, except for master numbers 11, 22 and 33. For example, the number 49 = 13, which reduces to one number, 4.

To arrive at the Personal Life Cycle of an individual, we first determine the CHRIST CYCLE for the current year in this simple fashion: 1980 =1+9 + 8 + 0 = 18 1+8 =9

Thus, the CHRIST CYCLE for 1980 is 9. Each year everyone is under the influence of a different Personal Life Cycle. The number of this cycle, once you have the Christ Cycle number, is determined as follows: Christ Cycle for 1980 = 9 Month of Birth = 7

Day of Birth =J6

32 = 5 = Personal Life Cycle Once we have the number of the client's Personal Life Cycle, the next step is to determine the INDIVIDUAL DAY CYCLE, in order to calculate the time element desired. This is done by adding the number of the Personal Life Cycle to the MONTH AND DAY REQUIRED by the Season Card and Date Card in the Celtic Spread. Here is the entire procedure, in step-by-step form:

Let us say that the client has a question regarding time. Ask him for his date of birth. Say that it is May 4. Add the Christ Cycle for the current year (1980) —9— to the month of May, whose number is 5, plus the date of birth, which is 4. This adds up to 18, which reduces to 9, the number of the client's Personal Life Cycle.

1. The Season Card is the ACE OF SWORDS, which represents the autumn months of September, October and November. It can appear in any of the Celtic positions of 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.

2. The tenth card is the fixed aspect, the Date Card. It is the THREE OF CUPS. From the Date Card you can assess the MONTH and the WEEK: Three weeks from the beginning of the autumn season is the third week in September.

3. Now you can calculate the client's INDIVIDUAL DAY CYCLE by adding his PERSONAL LIFE CYCLE number (9) to the number of the month involved, September (9). This gives us a total of 18. Now the missing factor is the number of the particular day in the third week of September which when added to 9 will give us the INDIVIDUAL DAY CYCLE number of 3.

4. You simply add the numbers of the dates of each in that week until you come to the one that totals a number reduceable to 3. This would be September 21 (2 + 1 = 3):

Personal Life Cycle = 9 September = 9

To summarize: The Three of Cups in the tenth Celtic position is the Date Card, a fixed aspect. From the Date Card you can assess the week and day of an event. The numerical value of the tenth card is three in this case, indicating the third week of the month revealed by the Season Card, the Ace of Swords. By ascertaining the client's Personal Life Cycle number, you can then calculate the client's Individual Day Cycle, which will be a day in the third week of September whose numbers equal three. When this date is added to the client's Personal Life Cycle and the number of the month, the total will reduce to three. This verifies for the client the date upon which the event in question is likely to occur.

If No Season Card Appears

If your client has requested a time element and no Aces appear in the spread, the Wisdom of the Tarot indicates that the client needs more knowledge regarding the situation queried. It may be that some adjustment in attitude or circumstance is necessary before the actual time can be revealed, or perhaps vibratory forces are working toward a goal not yet known to the client. Often when the original query is reworded or rewritten, you can spread the cards again and this time find the time factor. If a Season Card still does not appear in a second spread, the query should not be pursued further at this time.

If a Court Card Appears in Tenth Position

When a Court Card turns up in the tenth Celtic position and a Season Card is in the spread, this denotes that a person with the Court Card characteristics is involved in the event in question. You would then proceed to find the next numbered card by going back through the laid-out cards in a systematic manner, i.e., 9, 8, 7, etc. The first numbered card you come to will then serve as the Date Card.

If a Major Arcanum Appears in Tenth Position

When a Major Arcana card turns up in the tenth Celtic position, a deeper significance is added to the query. You should inform the client of the more profound energies involved in this situation. A Major Date Card indicates that higher cosmic forces will be active on the date in question and that this day will be more meaningful than usual for the client. The numbers of the Major Arcana cards should be reduced to one digit for purposes of calculation: The Sun (19), for example, would not indicate an Individual Day Cycle of 19, but rather of 1 (1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1). Likewise, the first week of the season would be indicated, not the nineteenth.

If the Date Card is Reversed

If a regular numerical card appears in the tenth Celtic position, but is reversed, this does not necessarily indicate any negativity connected with the day in question. The Reverse Key of the card will, however, have some bearing on the date, and the spread should be interpreted accordingly (see Minor Mentors for Reverse Keys).

Tarot Ethics

You have now almost reached the end of your apprentice journey into the beautiful and profound world of Tarot. You have come to possess a degree of accuracy in divination that includes not only general and specific interpretations of events, but the actual times they are likely to occur. This is knowledge of a high order—and with knowledge comes power. How this power is used is the beginning of wisdom, for with knowledge and power comes responsibility. And the responsibility of the Tarotologist is always to God, to his Higher Self and to the welfare of his client.

Remember that the Tarot always reveals what the client needs to know-not necessarily what he wants to know. This can often be confusing for the apprentice reader. If your client has posed a vague question or has asked one thing but really feels the need to know something else, the spread will reveal this. It is advisable, therefore, to inform your client of this fact; it can help to eliminate thought barriers and confusion.

Suit Key Significance

If four or five cards of the same suit turn up in the first ten cards of a Celtic Spread, you should become aware of the influence of the Suit Key in interpreting the spread. However, it is not necessary to explain this element to the client. The Tarot is so penetrating and reveals so much depth when properly utilized, it is not always wise to explain every facet of this wisdom to the client. If you try to do so, especially in an attempt to impress him (or her), you may burden the client with more than he needs to know and keep him from concentrating on the question at hand.

Using Discretion

When you receive guidance from the high planes of consciousness, you should be constantly aware of the awesome privilege you are enjoying and never attempt to take advantage of the situation. To do so could be disastrous for both you and your client. If you foresee circumstances of a highly personal nature, you should avoid this area unless encouraged to explore it by the client. A sensitive and responsible reader will offer subtle guidance but never attempt to expose or embarrass a client in any way. Always endeavor to help the client in the most positive manner, without undue stress to the client's emotional sensitivity.

When you are able to sense impending events that may have serious negative effects on a client's life, your first thought should be to help him find ways to avoid these situations. Don't dwell on negative probabilities and remember that no matter how closely they can be pinpointed, they are still only probabilities, not certainties, until they occur. Remember that prediction, no matter how expertly done, is never 100 per cent accurate, for free will always enters into everything we do, constantly altering the future. Divination is only the art of forecasting events that are likely to occur if nothing is done to change them.

But often a client is not able or willing to exert the effort required to change a probability, and it does indeed occur. For this reason it is especially important that a Tarotologist never predict death, serious accident or any other catastrophic situation. This would be unethical and disastrous.

Absent Readings

Unless you have received a direct request from a client, you should never attempt to spread the cards for him without his knowledge or permission. It is doubtful that you could obtain a meaningful reading, and this type of conduct is unprofessional and irresponsible. If you are asked to read for someone in his absence, I recommend that you obtain a photograph of the subject and before commencing the spread spend a little time "tuning in" to the vibratory forces surrounding the picture. The reading is then begun by placing the first card over the photograph and saying, "This is what covers you."

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