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Studying the Court Families in Depth

Now take the four members of the WANDS Court Family and lay them out before you. This will aid you in implanting the following information firmly in your subconscious. You are now ready to absorb in-depth information about each card and what it represents in a spread with regard to your client, yourself and other persons involved.


KING This man is usually married, with a family.

He can be secure in his business ventures, perhaps a professional man. His temperament is apt to be hasty at times.

QUEEN This woman is usually married, with a family. She loves her domestic environment and enjoys motherhood. She has an attractive personality which draws people to her.

KNIGHT Ihis young man is apt to be impetuous. He can be found in any walk of life. Sometimes he makes sudden decisions and acts quickly once he decides.

PAGE This boy, girl, or child of either sex is AL

WAYS associated with MESSAGES, NEWS, INFORMATION, etc. The source of the information is usually a close friend or relative.

Before you move on to the next Family, spend an evening studying the WANDS, getting to feel more and more at home with them. Think of them as a family that has just moved in next door. They have invited you over for an evening to get acquainted. It takes time to get to know your neighbors properly, so don't be in a hurry. Enjoy the time you spend with them, realize that they will be a part of your life from now on.






This man is usually a reliable type, possibly associated with Law or Divinity. He can be a bachelor and may be interested in the arts and sciences. He does not object to taking on extra responsibilities.

This woman is usually a good wife and mother. She is quite intuitive and sensitive. She can always look on the bright side of things and plans ahead for the future.

This young man is intelligent and can be a romantic. He has many talents and tends to be artistic. He often brings new ideas, invitations and proposals.

This bov/girl/child of either sex is ALWAYS associated with MESSAGES, NEWS, INFORMATION, etc., like the Page of Wands. This person has a quiet and gentle personalis.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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