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Each Major Arcanum has a corresponding Major Mentor, arranged almost identically to those for the Minor Arcana and Court Cards. As in the Minor Mentors, the KEY and REVERSE KEY are intended to assist you in developing your own sensitivities and not as the only definitions of upright and reverse cards. They are to be considered as starting points only, enabling you to arrive at your own intuitive interpretations.

As in the Minor Mentors, the MEMORY is a simple two-line rhyme for each card in either position; the GUIDELINES apply here just as in the preceding chapter.

Comparison Chart

The COMPARISON CHART is set up similarly to those for the Minor and Court Mentors. In the section governed by YOD, you will find the TETRAGRAMMATON, PRINCIPLE and EXPRESSION references, as covered in the last chapter. And in the first HE section, ASTROLOGY and GNOTHOLOCY are included as before. Both of these occult sciences are closely tied to theTarot, but there is no room to go into either in detail at this point. They are included mainly for those of you already advanced in Astrology and esoteric Numerology, so that you can understand more fully their interrelationships with the Tarot. The beginning student need not be concerned about these references-

In the section governed by VAU, however, you will find two new references replacing SUIT KEY, MULTIPLE and SIGNIFICANCE, called MEDITATION and TIME. These are of great importance loevery student of the Tarot.

MEDITATION is a prayer especially suited to the vibration and message of each card. You should always keep in mind that although the principles of study and interpretation of the Major and Minor Arcana are similar, the former differ in depth and spiritual intensity. A deeper interpretation should be attached whenever a card is part of the Major Arcana, and an appropriate prayer should always be a part of the approach to studying any Major Arcanum.

TIME is a guide to the most appropriate time of day to meditate on each card. These time periods correlate with the varying sensitivity levels surrounding the human aura on the physical plane. It is not absolutely necessary that the meditations be conducted at the times suggested, for meditation is always rewarding at any time. But the times given will help you to be mure receptive to the vibratory tones of the various Major symbols. Time has always been an important factor in religion and ritual, so whenever possible you should try to use the time elements given.

In the fourth section, governed by the second HE merging with the force of the YOD, you will find four new Cabalistic references replacing DIVINATION IN DEPTH. Unless you already have a background in Cabalistic study, you need not pay more than subliminal attention to these references. They refer to more complex relationships between the Tre*> of Life and the Major Arcana, and are included only for the benefit of the more advanced student.

As much as I would like to take you further into Astrology, Gnothol-ogy, and the Cabalistic correspondences of the Tarot, I do not feel it wise to do so at this stage. Perhaps these subjects can be covered at greater length in a more advanced book in the future. 1 have offered mere hints of the vast fields of esoteric knowledge to be found in a serious study of these occult disciplines, and the serious student who wishes to know more can seek out the information for himself. It is not necessary for you to understand the close relationship between the Tarot and the Cabala in order to work with the Tarot effectively; it is enough to know that it exists. The Tarot symbols work independently of the other occult sciences and form a complete doctrine in themselves.

Now that you have in some measure been prepared to work with the Mentors, you will find them comprising the next three chapters. Remember, don't be dismayed by the more advanced references in the Mentors. Concentrate and meditate on the ones that are familiar to you, and as your esoteric studies progress, you will find yourself drawn to and learning more about the other occult sciences. And as you study them, you will discover that they will take on added dimensions for you because of your prior knowledge of the Tarot. This in turn will lead you back to a deeper and more profound knowledge and appreciation of the Tarot itself.

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