WE now know the signification of the minor arcana, and need only study the major arcana.

As we have already stated, the major arcana consist of 22 symbolical cards, which we have not yet examined as a means of predicting the future.

Their meaning is very easy to remember, if any one will take the trouble to consider them carefully one by one, as their signification is described.

One general rule will also aid the memory in this matter, that is, that the seven first cards chiefly refer to the intellectual side of man, the seven next to his moral side, and the seven last to the various events of his material life.

We will now give the signification of these 22 cards of our Tarot--

1. The Juggler

2. The High Priestess

3. The Empress

4. The Emperor

5. The Pope

6. The Lovers p. 317

7. The Chariot

8. Justice

9. The Hermit

10. The Wheel of Fortune

11. Strength

12. The Hanged Man

13. Death

14. Temperance

15. The Devil

16. The Lightning-struck Tower

17. The Stars

18. The Moon

19. The Sun signifies MALE INQUIRER.


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