Upon The Astronomical Tarot

The 21st card, entitled the Universe or Time, is, in fact, the time of the temple and the temple of time.

It represents an oval crown of flowers, divided into four by four lotus flowers, and supported by the four symbolical heads, which St. John borrowed from Ezekiel, and the latter from the cherubim and seraphim of Assyria and Egypt.

The four heads are those p. 240

Of the Eagle. The symbol of the East, of the morning, of the equinox of spring.

Of the Lion. — of the South, and of the solstice of summer.

Of the Bull. — of the Evening, the West, and of the equinox of autumn.

Of the Man. — of the Night, the North, and of the solstice of winter.

In the midst of this crown, the symbol of the egg of the world, stands a nude woman, the symbol of Eve; one of her feet is raised, symbolizing the flight of time; and she holds two wands of equal length, symbols of the balance and equilibrium of time, of the justice and equity of men, of the equality of day and night, of man and woman.

This Eve is the great Mother (Ava or Ebe) who pours out to the stars the men-gods of heaven, and to men the star-gods of earth, the nectar and ambrosia of immortality, the shadow and light of eternity (Aon), of which the crown which surrounds her is the sea or the ocean, the enclosure or the vase, the ark or the vessel.

This symbol is not new. It was throughout antiquity used to express the nature of the Universe, the synthesis of the arcs of the circle, the union of the arches of the sphere, which the Hebrews made into the ark of the covenant, the modification of the ancient coins of Crete, which took this arch of the world, the covenant of the rainbows, for the principle of justice which gives it its name. And, in fact, the name of Kudas, of that Ebee of Crete, clearly expresses justice, saduk, which makes of this Melchi sedek, the spirit of the Lord, and of this spirit (Eon) of the sun, the law of the times of the stars, of the life of man; consequently Noah, who is himself the spirit p. 241

(Eon) of eternity (Aon) of centuries (Aion), has been qualified as prsco justitis, revealer of justice.

The Tarot is a deduction of the sideral book of Henoch, who is Henochia; it is modelled from the astral wheel of Athor, which is As-taroth, resembling the Indian ot-tara, the polar bear or arc-tura of the north; it is the major force (tarie) upon which is based the solidity (ferrale) of the world and the sideral firmament of the earth; consequently, like the polar bear, called the chariot of the sun, the chariot of David and of ARTHUR, it is the Greek luck (tuche), the Chinese destiny (tiko), the Egyptian chance (tiki), the fate (tika) of the Romanies; and the stars, as they incessantly revolve round the polar bear, reveal to the earth ostentation and misery, light and shade, heat and cold; whilst from them flow the good and evil, the love and hatred, which form the happiness (ev-tuchie) and the misfortune (dis-tuchie) of men.

In truth Sephora is one of the harmonies in that triad s. f. r., which united form the light (Sapher), the number (Sipher), and the word (Sephora) of the Hebrews, from the Sphere of the Universe. From this sphere, of which the light is the truth, the zodiac the book which contains it, the stars the numbers and letters which explain it, the Anaks have drawn their Tara, the Gypsies their Tarot, the Phoenicians their As-tharot, the Egyptians their Athor, and the Hebrews their Thora.

But we cannot end this study upon the astronomical Tarot without some allusion to the work of Oswald Wirth upon this subject. In some respects his conclusions differ from our own; but we are anxious on that account to copy his essay upon it, in order that each reader may judge between us for himself.

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