To Discover A Priori The Symbolical Value Of Any Card In The Tarot

(1st) Which Hebrew letter is written to the left in the horizontal column, which contains the card under consideration.

(2nd) Which Hebrew letter is written at the foot of the vertical column, containing the card.

(3rd) Which sign (+ or -) governs the secondary vertical column, containing the card in question.

EXAMPLE: I wish to determine the sense of the 5th arcanum. I look to the left and find the Hebrew letter he. This shows that the 5th arcanum is the he of what? In order to know, I look at the vertical column and find yod.

The 5th arcanum is the he of yod, but that is not enough, so I look at the secondary column which contains the sign (-) negative.

I thus obtain a definite description of the 5th arcanum.

The fifth card of the Tarot is--

The He of Yod considered negatively.

This is a synthetic formula comprehensible to those only who are used to manipulating the sense of the word Yod-he-vau-he. It is therefore necessary to give further explanations.

He represents the reflex.

We may therefore say, more explicitly--

The 5 th arcanum is:

The reflex of yod considered negatively. But what is yod considered negatively?

To find this out, I look in my left column at the letter yod, I seek in the secondary vertical column the sign (-) negative, and at the intersection of these two lines I find the 4th arcanum.

The yod considered negatively is the 4th arcanum. This leads me to conclude-That the 5 th arcanum is the reflex of the 4th arcanum. All the arcana can be explained in this way by each other, according to the above rules. This tableau is the key of the Ars Magna of Raymond Lulle.

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