Theogonies Of Different Religions

We have now shown the identity of the three first principles of the Tarot with the philosophical discoveries of some modern authors. We need only revert to the study of the first arcanum to see the conclusions which Fabre d'Olivet and Claude de Saint-Martin have come to upon the same subject; and we will now say a few p. 203

words upon the identity of the deductions of the Tarot with the religious ideas of various nations.

EGYPTIAN THEOGONY. Osiris is an emanation of the Great Being; he reveals himself in three persons-Amen, who brings forth the hidden forms of things, is Power.

Ptah the demi-urgus, the eternal workman, embodying the primitive ideas, is Wisdom.

Osiris, the author of being, the source of all life, is Goodness.

"The Egyptian god is called Amen when he is regarded as the hidden force which brings all things to the light; he is Ptah when he accomplishes all things with skill and truth; lastly, when he is the good and beneficent god, he is named Osira."--JAMBLIQUE

Indeterminable Principle RA

Divine Trinity:



HINDU THEOGONY. Indeterminable Principle PARABRAHM:


Creator Preserver

SIVA Transformer

Here is an analysis of this conception applied to Cosmogony.--


There was neither being nor no-being, nor ether, nor the roof of the heavens; nothing enveloping nor enveloped. There was neither death nor immortality; nothing separated the darkness of night from the light of day.

But That One, the HE, breathed alone with HER, whose life was sustained in his breast. Of all those who have existed since that time, no other then existed. The darkness covered them like an ocean, which cannot be lightened. This universe was indistinct, like the fluids mingled with the waters; but this mass, which was covered by a crust, was at last organized by the power of contemplation.

The first wish was formed in its intelligence, and it became the original productive seed. This productive seed became Providence or sensitive souls; and Matter or Elements, SHE

who was supported in his breast was the inferior part, and HE who observes was the superior part. Who can know exactly, and who in this world can assert, from whom or how this creation took place? The gods are posterior to this creation of the world.

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