The Sixth Card Of The Tarot

The Lovers.

This symbol represents reunion, antagonism, with all their consequences.

A beardless youth (our Juggler of the 1st arcanum), but without a hat, is standing motionless in the angle where two roads meet. His arms form a diagonal cross upon his breast.

The repetition of the 1st arcanum under another form. Here the man is not one of the Initiates. He does not know how to direct the magnetic currents of the Astral Light; he is therefore plunged in the antagonism of the different ideas which he cannot master.

Two women, one on his right, the other on his left, each with one hand upon his shoulder, point to the two roads. The woman on the right has a circle of gold upon her head, the one on the left is dishevelled and crowned with vine leaves.

The two arms of the Juggler, expressing the positive and negative, the two columns of the temple of Isis, expressing necessity and liberty, are here personified by the two women, who represent Vice and Virtue.

The future of the young man depends upon the road which he chooses, whether he becomes one of the Initiates, the Mage of the 1st arcanum (the spiritual S), or the rash thunder-stricken personage of the 16th arcanum (the q).

The spirit of Justice floats above this group in a radiant halo; he bends his bow and aims the arrow of Punishment at the personification of Vice.

A profound symbol indicating that if man chooses the path of Virtue he will not be left unaided, but that Providence will ally itself to his will and assist him to overcome vice.

In short, this hieroglyphic expresses the struggle between the passions and conscience, the antagonism of ideas.

But this antagonism is also the most powerful natural producer that exists in the world, when it resolves itself into LOVE, which attracts the opponents and unites them for ever.

This sixth card of the Tarot must be regarded under two aspects, which tend to the same signification.

1. As 3 of the 4, that is to say, as representing the 4th arcanum, or the reflection of 1 considered in its relation to union.

2. As balancing 4 and 5; this is shown in the triangle formed by the second ternary--

Each card balances the two others.

The 4 balances the 5 and the 6.

Its signification proceeds from this:--

In the Divine. The Equilibrium between Will and Intelligence--


(characteristic of the Holy Spirit). In the Human. The Equilibrium between Power and Authority-LOVE

(characteristic of Humanity). CHARITY.

In Nature. The Equilibrium between the Universal soul and the Universal life—




Primitive Hieroglyphic: The eye, The ear

Equilibrium of Will and Intelligence



Astronomy: The Bull

Month: April

Equilibrium of Power and Authority

Hebrew Letter: Vau (simple)




Equilibrium of the Universal Soul and the Universal Life THE UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION or UNIVERSAL LOVE

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