The Signification Of Numbers

But our knowledge of the numerical science of the ancients does not end here. It also attributed a meaning to each number.

Since we have reduced the series of all the numbers to the 4 first, it will suffice for us to know the meaning attributed to these 4 first.

The Unity represents the creative principle of all numbers, since the others all emanate from it; it is the active principle pre-eminent.

But the Unity alone cannot produce anything except by opposing itself to itself thus 1/1. From this proceeds duality, the principle of opposition represented by two, the passive principle pre-eminent.

From the union of the Unity and Duality proceeds the third principle, which unites the two opposites in one common neutrality, 1 + 2 = 3. Three is the neuter principle preeminent.

But these three principles all reduce themselves into the fourth, which merely represents a new acceptation of the Unity as an active principle. 1

The law of these principles is therefore as follows--

Unity or return to unity.

Opposition antagonism.

Action of opposition upon the unity.

Active 1

Passive 2

Neuter 3

Active 4

Active 1

Passive 2

Passive-Active 4

Neuter 3


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