The Second Card Of The Tarot

The High Priestess.

God himself, or God the Father, reflects himself, and gives birth to God the Man, or God the Son, the negative relatively to his creator. As we have seen, man is the divine receiver, therefore this second card of the Tarot will express all the ideas of the first conceived negatively.

The first card represents a man standing; this, on the contrary, bears the figure of a seated woman.

(First idea of passivity) by the woman and by her position.

The man, endowed with all the attributes of Power, was placed in the midst of nature.

The woman is adorned with all the attributes of Authority and persuasion, and she is placed under the porch of the temple of Isis, between two columns.

Idea of a sacred dwelling, of a divine recipient.

The two columns, like the arms of the Juggler, express the Positive and the Negative.

The woman is crowned with a tiara, surmounted by the lunar crescent, she is enveloped in a transparent veil falling over her face. On her breast she bears the solar cross, and upon her knees lies an open book, which she half covers with her mantle.

This is the picture of Isis, of Nature, whose veil must not be raised before the profane. The book indicates that the doctrines of Isis are bidden; but she divulges to the magi the secrets of the true Kabbalah, and of occult science. We must admire this profound symbol.

The first card expressed Osiris in the three worlds; this second gives us the signification of Isis, the companion of Osiris--

In God it is the reflex of Osiris, the reflex of God the Father, Isis, or God the Son. In Man it is the reflex of Adam of the absolute man: Eve, the woman, life (min). In the Universe it is the reflex of natura naturans: it is natura naturata. 1

The High Priestess.



Hieroglyphic: The Mouth of Man Kabbalah: Chocmah Astronomy: The Moon Day of the Week: Monday Hebrew letter: Beth (Double)

Reflex of God the Father or Osiris GOD the Son


yod of he he he

Reflex of Adam EVE the woman

he of he he he


Reflex of Natura naturans

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