The Fourth Card Of The Tarot

The Emperor.

This symbol should express in the active form all that the preceding card expressed in the passive.

A man seated in profile.

The man indicates the active; his position, however, shows that this activity is engendered by a superior term. The 1st arcanum, the Juggler, the active absolute, was represented standing, looking to the front; the 4th arcanum, active relative, is seated in profile.

This man holds in his right hand the sceptre, the symbol of generation or of Venus X.

The sceptre is held in the right hand, to indicate the active influence, which the vivifying principle exercises in nature, by opposition to the formative principle (arc. 3).

The man is bearded and wears a helmet with twelve points (six on each side). He is seated upon a cubic stone, which bears the figure of an eagle.

The helmet indicates the rule of the Divine Will in the Universe, and its universal action in the creation of Life (eagle).

The position upon the cubic stone indicates realization in all the worlds.

(1st) Realization of the Divine Word by the creation.

(2nd) Realization of the ideas of the Being shared by the quadruple work of the spirit--

Affirmation,--Negation, Discussion, Solution.

(3rd) Realization of the actions conceived by the Will.

The man's legs are crossed, his body forms a triangle

Domination of the Spirit over Matter.

Considered more attentively, the figure reproduces the symbol of Jupiter 2 +, represented by the fourth card of the Tarot.

The fourth card of the Tarot corresponds to the second He, and therefore bears two, very distinct aspects.

It first expresses a term of transition uniting the first series (active and passive forces, the link between the two forces) to the following series; the passage from one world to the other.

But it also represents this term of transition, itself becoming the first term in the following series. As the following series taken as a whole is negative relatively to the first, the fourth symbol represents the active influence of the first series 1, 2, 3, in the second series 4, 5, 6.

The 4 therefore expresses the reflections of the first card in all its details. It acts towards the first series exactly as the second card acted towards the first.

This interprets its meaning--

In the Divine. Reflex of God the Father--THE WILL

In the Human. Reflex of Adam-THE POWER.

In the Natural. Reflex of Natura naturans--THE UNIVERSAL CREATIVE FLUID. The soul of the Universe.

The Emperor.



Primitive Hieroglyphic: The Womb Kabbalah: CHESED Astronomy: Jupiter Day: Thursday

Hebrew letter: Daleth (double)

Reflex of God the Father THE WILL

Reflex of Adam THE POWER


Reflex of Natura naturans The universal creative fluid THE SOUL OF THE UNIVERSE


120:1 See the second He, and the study upon the number 4.



5th Hebrew letter (He).

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