The Fifth Card Of The Tarot

The Pope.

This symbol expresses the following ideas--

(1st) Idea of Life, of animation, (2nd) Idea of Being, (3rd) Idea of Reunion.

The Initiate of the mysteries of Isis is seated between the two columns of the sanctuary. He leans upon a triple cross, and makes the sign of Esoterism with his left hand.

The triple Cross represents the triple Lingam of Indian theogony; that is to say, the penetration of the creative power throughout the Divine, the Intellectual, and the Physical Worlds, which causes all the manifestations of universal life to appear (first idea).

The two columns symbolize: on the right, the Law; on the left, the Liberty to obey and to disobey, the essence of Being, (second idea).

The Initiate wears a tiara. Two crowned men kneel at his feet, one clothed in red, the other in black.

Here we find the active form of the symbolism expressed in passive form by the second card. The same idea of Esoterism, of secret Instruction, reappears; but the Tuition is now practical and oral, it no longer requires a book (third idea),

As we see, this card is the complement of the second;

the same rule applies to all the cards, when the total of their number makes 7. Thus--

The Empress is completed by

The Emperor

The High Priestess is completed by

The Pope

The Juggler is completed by

The Lovers

The fifth card of the Tarot corresponds with the letter he of the sacred word. It is the direct reflection of the 4th arcanum, and the indirect reflection of the 2nd arcanum. It therefore signifies--

In the Divine. Reflex of the Will-INTELLIGENCE (characteristic of God the Son). In the Human. Reflex of the Power-AUTHORITY

Religion. Faith.

In Nature. Reflex of the Soul of the World, or of the Universal creative fluid--

(characteristic of the Woman).

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