The Eleventh Card Of The Tarot


Only two ideas are expressed by this arcanum--

1. The idea of strength.

2. The idea of vitality.

A young girl calmly closing a lion's mouth without any visible effort.

This young girl wears the vital sign ro upon her head.

(Second idea.)

The 11th arcanum. is midway between the 8th and 14th arcana. In it we find the symbolism of the 8th arcanum. transformed to the physical plane. It is, in fact, the image of the power given by the sacred science (2nd arcanum) when justly applied (8).

The eleventh card of the Tarot shows us all the negative or reflective significations of the fifth, that is to say--

1. Reflex of the Intelligence (5).


2. Reflex of Authority, of Faith.

3. Reflex of the Universal Life. Manifestation of the strength of the preceding arcanum.





Primitive Hieroglyphic: The Hand in the act of grasping Astronomy: Mars {

Reflex of the Intelligence LIBERTY

Day: Tuesday

Hebrew Letter: Kaph (double)

Reflex of Authority, of Faith COURAGE

(To dare)


Reflex of Universal Life Reflex and Transitory Life

The strength, already potential in its manifestations, has shown its full force in the 11th arcanum; it will balance itself in the following arcanum.

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