The Eighth Card Of The Tarot


The ideas expressed by this symbol are of Equilibrium in all its forms.

A woman seen full face, and wearing an iron coronet, is seated upon a throne. She is placed between the two columns of the temple. The solar cross is traced upon her breast.

Here we find the continuation of the symbolism of the 2nd and 5th arcana. The Seated woman occupies the Centre between the columns, the first idea of the equilibrium between Good and Evil.

She holds a sword, point upwards, in her right hand, and a balance in her left.

Occult science (2), at first theoretical, has become practical (5), and has been taught verbally. Now it appears in all the pitilessness of consequences, terrible for the false Magi (the Sword), but just toward the true Initiates (Balance). The signification of this arcanum is central between the 5th (R He) and the 11th (h Kaph) arcana.

This card is the complement of the eleventh, as the fifth was of the second. In the 1st septenary all the cards which, by addition, formed the number 7, completed each other; in the 2nd septenary all the cards which, added together, form 19, act in the same way.

7 12

The Chariot is completed by The Hanged Man

8 11 Justice is completed by Strength


9 10

The Hermit is completed by The Wheel of Fortune


The eighth card of the Tarot represents the conception in preservative of the second card. It synthetizes in itself the meaning of the second and of the fifth card of the Tarot, and represents the reflex of the seventh. It signifies--

1. In the Divine. God the Son of the 2nd septenary. The woman fulfilling, the functions of God the Son.

THE MOTHER. Reflex of the Father. Preserver of God the Son in Humanity.

2. Passive law of the 2nd septenary.

JUSTICE. Reflex of Realization and Authority.

3. The woman of the 2nd septenary. Nature fulfilling the function of Eve.

ELEMENTARY EXISTENCE. Reflex of the Astral Light. Preservation of Natura naturata in the World.




Primitive Hieroglyphic: A Field Kabbalah: NIZAH Astronomy: Cancer Month: June

Hebrew Letter: Heth (simple)

The woman fulfilling the functions of God the Son. THE MOTHER



Nature performing the function of Eve ELEMENTARY EXISTENCE

The elementary existence is the means by which the astral vivifying fluid or astral light (7) manifests itself through the ether or astral matter (9). This is demonstrated by the following arcanum.


138:1 This letter, an intermediary between R (He) and h (Kaph), the one designating life, absolute existence, the other the relative life, assimilated existence, is the sign of elementary existence: it is the image of a kind of equilibrium, and attaches itself to ideas of effort, of labour, and of normal and legislative action.--FABRE D'OLIVET


Tarot The Bohemians Hermit

9th Hebrew letter (Teth).

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