The Eighteenth Card Of The Tarot

The Moon.

We have now traversed the steps which the spirit descends in its gradual and utter fall towards the material world. All is now ended; the spirit is completely materialized, and the change is indicated by the eighteenth card.

A meadow feebly lighted by the moon.

The light, the symbol of the soul, no longer reaches us directly; the material world is only lighted by reflection.

The meadow is bounded by a tower on each side. Drops of blood are falling from the moon.

The material world is the last point which the spirit can reach, it can descend no lower; this is shown by the boundaries of the field. The drops of blood represent the descent of the Spirit into Matter.

A path sprinkled with drops of blood loses itself in the horizon. In the centre of the field a dog and a wolf axe howling at the moon, a crayfish is climbing out of the water between the two animals.

The entry of the Spirit into Matter is so great a fall that everything conspires to augment it.

Servile spirits (the dog), savage souls (the wolf), and crawling creatures (the crayfish) are all present watching the fall of the soul, hoping to aid in its destruction.

1. End of divine Materialization. Final point of involution-


2. End of the Materialization of man--

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