The Divining Tarot In Seven Lessons

Introduction: To our Lady Readers--Astronomy--and Astrology--Intuition--Fortune-telling by the Tarot in Seven Lessons.

1st Lesson: Simplification of the Rules of Fortune-telling by the Tarot.

2nd Lesson: Minor Arcana-Significations--A good Memory unnecessary for their retention—Key to the Divining Tarot--Sceptres—Cups—Swords—Pentacles.

3rd Lesson: Major Arcana--Significations from a Divining Point of View.

4th Lesson: Basis of the Application of this Knowledge—Arrangement of the Cards.

5th Lesson: Reading the Tarot--Rapid Process—Elaborate Process.

6th Lesson: Etteila's original and unpublished Method of reading the Tarot (from one of his rarest works): 1st deal--2nd deal--3rd deal--4th deal.

7th Lesson. Conclusion—Bibliography.

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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