Seventeenth Card Of The Tarot

The Star.

The ideas expressed by this symbol are those--

1. Of the expansion of fluids.

2. Of their eternal renewal.

A nude female figure pours the Water of Universal Life from two cups.

The genius of the Sun (14th arcanum) has now descended to earth under the form of this young girl, the image of eternal Youth. The fluids, which she formerly poured from one vase to the other, she now throws upon the ground (first idea).

This young girl is crowned with seven stars; in the midst of them shines a very large and brilliant one. Near her an ibis (or sometimes a butterfly) rests upon a flower.

Here we find the symbol of immortality. The soul (ibis or butterfly) will survive the body, which is only a place of trial (the ephemeral flower). The courage to bear these trials will come from above (the stars).

The fall of the Divine and of the Human into the Material has scarcely taken place, when a mysterious voice whispers, courage to the Sinner, by showing him future re-instatement through trial.

This card exactly balances the evil effects of the preceding one, and from it we derive the following significations--

1. Opposition to destruction. No destruction is final. Everything is eternal and immortal in God--


Creation of the human soul.

2. The fall is not irreparable. This is whispered to us by the intuitive sentiment we name


3. The Visible Universe contains the source of its Divinization in itself. This is

THE FORCE WHICH DISPENSES THE ESSENCE OF LIFE, which gives it the means of perpetually renewing its creations after destruction.

The Star.



Primitive Hieroglyphic: Speech (the mouth and the tongue)

Astronomy: Mercury Day: Wednesday Hebrew letter: Phe (double)

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