Origin Of The Symbolism Of The Tenth Card Of The Tarot

The hieroglyphic meaning of the Yod is the finger of man; the forefinger extended as a sign of command. This letter has therefore become the image of potential manifestation, of spiritual duration; lastly of the eternity of time, with all the ideas relating to it. 1

The Yod is a simple letter; astronomically it corresponds with the zodiacal sign of the Virgin.

TENTH CARD OF THE TAROT. The Wheel of Fortune. Two principal ideas are expressed by this symbol--

1. The idea of Command, of Supremacy.

2. The idea of the duration, of the eternal action of time.

The wheel of fortune suspended upon its axis. To the right Anubis, the genius of good ascending; to the left Typhon, the genius of evil descending, the Sphinx is balanced upon the centre of the wheel, holding a sword in its lion claws.

The first idea is expressed by the ternary, Anubis or positive, Typhon or negative, the balanced Sphinx the ruler.

The second idea is expressed by the wheel, a line without beginning or end, the symbol of eternity.

The 10th arcanum is midway between the 7th and 13th arcana.

It expresses the incessant equilibrium, which modifies the creative realizations of the septenary by the necessary destruction by Death (arcanum 13). The three arcana, 7, 10, 13, correspond exactly with the Hindu trinity or Trimurti.

Brahma = Creator = Arcanum 7.

Siva = Destroyer = Arcanum 13.

Vishnu = Preserver = Arcanum 10.

It represents the course of things according to the ternary law, which directs all the divine manifestations.

The tenth card of the Tarot commences the negative portion of the 2nd septenary, and expresses the notion of the septenary considered in its reflections.

It will therefore represent--

1. Reflex of will (see 4th arcanum).

NECESSITY. The Karma of the Hindus.

2. Reflex of power and of realization.



3. Reflex of the universal soul.

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