Origin Of The Symbolism Of The Sixth Card Of The Tarot

The hieroglyphic sign for the Vau is the eye, all that relates to light and brilliancy. The eye establishes the link between the external world and ourselves; by it light and form are revealed to us. The dominant idea expressed by this letter will therefore be that of a connection, of a link between antagonists. We have already dwelt at some length upon the Vau, but we think it may be useful to quote Fabre d'Olivet's observations upon this letter in extenso--

"This sign is the image of the deepest and most inconceivable mystery, the image of the knot which reunites, or of the point which separates, the nothing from p. 128

the being. It is the universal convertible sign, which forms the passage from one nature to the other; communicating on one side with the sign of light and of spiritual sense V (a pointed Vau), which is but a higher form of itself; on the other hand linking itself in its degeneration with Ayin (q), the sign of darkness and of the material senses, which again is but a lower form of itself."

The Vau is the second simple letter; astronomically it represents the second sign of the zodiac, the Bull.

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