Origin Of The Symbolism Of The Fifth Card Of The Tarot

The hieroglyphic meaning of He is aspiration, breath. It is by aspiration that life is incessantly maintained and created. Hence springs the idea of all that animates attributed to He.

But life specializes the being, by rendering it different from any other; hence the idea of the being itself attributed to this letter.

However, the action of life does not stop here. It is also the mediating principle, which attaches the material body to the divine spirit, in the same way that man unites God and Nature; life is to the man (aleph) what man is to the universe, pre-eminently the mediate principle.

[paragraph continues] Here we find the origin of the ideas of bond, of the reunion of opposing principles, of religion, attributed to He.

This letter is simple; astronomically it corresponds with the igneous sign of the Ram, which it explains.

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