Origin Of The Symbolism Of The Fifteenth Card Of The Tarot

The Samech expresses the same hieroglyphic sign as the Zain (7th arcanum), that is to say, an arrow; a weapon of any kind; but to this idea is here added that of the arrow making a circular movement, of any circle defining and delimiting a circumscription.

This idea of an impassable circle has given birth to that of Destiny, of Fatality, circumscribing the limits of the circle in which the human will can act freely; so that the Serpent forming a circle of his own body, biting his own tail, has always been the symbol of this Fatality, of this Destiny, encircling the world in its embrace. It is the p. 165

image of the year (the ring), and of the fatal and settled revolutions of time.

As a letter, the Samech is the link (Zain) reinforced and turned back upon itself. As a simple letter, it corresponds with the zodiacal sign of Sagittarius.

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