Origin Of The Symbolism Of The Eleventh Card Of The Tarot

The hieroglyphic meaning of the Kaph is the hand of man, half closed and in the act of prehension, like the Gimel. But the Kaph is reinforcement of the Gimel, so that we might say that it designates the hand of man in the act of grasping strongly. Ideas of strength are therefore applied to this letter.

The number 11, the first after the decade, gives a different value to the Kaph, which designates a reflected transitory life, a. kind of mould, which receives and restores every variety of form.

It is derived from the letter Heth, n (8), which is itself derived from the sign of absolute life, He R (5). Thus, allied on one side to the sign of elementary life (see the 8th arcanum), it joins to the signification of the letter Heth (R) that of the organic sign g (Gimel) (3rd arcanum), of which too it is merely a reinforcement.

The Kaph is a double letter, corresponding astronomically with March and Tuesday.

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