Occult Science


CHAP. I.--INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE TAROT: Approaching End of Materialism--Synthesis--The Occult Science--The Secret Societies--The Cultus--The People, Transmitter of Esoterism--The Gypsies--The Sacred Word of Freemasonry--Our Work 3

II.--THE SACRED WORD YOD-HE-VAU-HE: The Kabbalah and the Sacred Word-The Yod--The He--The Vau--The 2nd He--Synthesis of the Sacred Word

III.--THE ESOTERISM OF NUMBERS: The Theosophic Numbers and Operations-Signification of the Numbers

IV.--ANALOGY BETWEEN THE SACRED WORD AND NUMBERS: The Kabbalistic Word and the Series of Numbers—Explanation of the Tetractys of Pythagoras—Figuration of the General Law

V.--THE KEY TO THE MINOR ARCANA: Formation of the Tarot--Study of a Colour--The Four Figures—The Ten Numbers—Affinity between the Figures and the Numbers-Study of the Four Colours—A Comprehensive Glance over the Minor Arcana

VI.--THE KEY TO THE MAJOR ARCANA: The Major Arcana--1st Ternary--2nd Ternary--1st Septenary--2nd Septenary-The Three Septenaries and the Ternary of Transition

VII.--CONNECTION BETWEEN THE MAJOR AND MINOR ARCANA: Domination of the 1st Septenary—Affinities of the 2nd Septenary in the Tarot, Card by Card—Ditto of the 3rd Septenary—General Affinities—Affinities of Yod, He, Vau, and of the 2nd He

General Figure giving the Key to the Tarot


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