Ninth Card Of The Tarot

The Hermit.

The following ideas are connected with this card--

1. Protection.

2. Wisdom, Circumspection.

An old man walking supported by a stick. He carries before him a lighted lamp, half hidden by the great mantle which envelopes him.

This symbol is midway between the sixth and the twelfth.

Protection is indicated by the mantle which envelops the old man. Wisdom by the half-hidden lamp.

The stick indicates that the Sage is always armed to fight against Injustice or Error.

By comparing this card with two others, the sixth and the twelfth, we shall see that the beardless young man in the former (6th) has chosen the right path. Experience won in the labour of life has rendered him a prudent old man, and prudence united to wisdom will safely lead him to the higher level, which he is anxious to attain (12th card).

The arrow shot by the genius in the sixth arcanum has become his support, and the effulgent aureole which surrounded the genius is now imprisoned in the lamp which guides the Initiate. This is the result of his prolonged efforts.

The ninth card of the Tarot represents the third conceived as preserver and recipient. It also balances the seventh and the eighth.

1. Humanity fulfilling the function of God the Holy Spirit. The human creative force.


The preserving power of Humanity. The equilibrium of the Father and the Mother.

2. Equilibrium of Realization and Justice.

PRUDENCE. (Silence.)

3. Nature accomplishing the function of humanity. Equilibrium of the Astral Light and Elementary Existence.


The Hermit.



Primitive Hieroglyphic: A Roof Kabbalah: IESOD Astronomy: The Lion Month: July

Hebrew Letter: Teth (simple)

Humanity accomplishing the functions of God the Holy





The natural Preserving Force THE ASTRAL FLUID

The astral fluid therefore represents the universal preservation of the active forces in nature. Here ends the first ternary of the septenary of Preservation. We shall now see the reflections of all these terms in the following ternary.

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