Introduction To The Study Of Symbolism In The Tarot

OUR study of the Tarot and its numerical arrangement has given us the general key, which should be applied to all the further developments of which our subject may be susceptible.

The symbols should therefore exactly follow the evolution of the numbers, and this we shall find them do. However, as we shall now study each of the cards of the Tarot in turn, and as the reader's attention may be a little diverted by all these details, we have determined to commence by a short introduction to the study of the symbolism of the Tarot, an introduction in which we shall say a few words upon the grouping of the symbols.

This point explained, we can pass on to further details, which we shall terminate by a synthetic recapitulation. We thus hope to obtain the greatest possible light upon these difficult subjects.

The analysis of the word Yod-he-vau-he has given us p. 72

the general law upon which the whole Tarot is constructed. This law is thus represented--

2 he

2nd he 4

vau 3

We must therefore first define the four primitive terms in our symbols, which form the law exactly applicable to the whole symbolism.

And, in fact, we find these four terms in our four first cards; the general sense of these terms being--

1--Creator or Divine.

2--Preserver or Astral.

3--Transformer or Physical and Diffuser.

4--Generator or Transitional becoming Creator.

This law corresponds in all points with our sacred word, thus--

Creator or Divine

Preserver or Astral

2 he

2nd he 4

Transition or Generation vau 3

Transformer or Physical p. 73

We shall see that this law applies exactly to each of the cards which possess three meanings.

A superlative or Divine meaning.

A comparative or Magic-Astral meaning.

A positive or Physical meaning, responding, to a transition.

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