Look quickly at the 18th card (it will be under your hand when you have placed the 17 first) and the 78th, which will be found beneath the pack.

The meaning of these two cards will tell you whether any fluidic sympathetic communication is established between the Inquirer and yourself.

You can then read the oracles spoken by the line of cards, commencing as usual on the right.

When your line is read, you pass the 17th card to your right and the 1st to your left, then move the 16th and the 2nd, etc., and so on until the cards have all changed places except the one in the centre. This card falls on one side. 1

THIRD DEAL: Take up all your cards, let them be shuffled and cut for you, then arrange them as shown in the following figure, according to the order of the numbers.

You thus obtain Etteila's great figure, which gives the key to the Past, Present, and Future of the person about p. 331

whose fate you are inquiring. To use this method successfully you must follow this figure very carefully. The best plan is to draw it with all its numbers upon a table or a large sheet of cardboard, and then to arrange the cards according to the order of the numbers.

For reading the results of this figure you must take up

the cards two by two, the 1st with the 34th, the 2nd with the 35th, etc., for the Past.

The 23rd with the 45th, the 24th with the 46th the 33rd with the 55th, for the


The 12th with the 66th, the 13th with the 65th the 22nd with the 56th, for the


One careful survey of the tableau will render it easily understood.

FOURTH DEAL: The fourth deal is only subsidiary. By it answers can be obtained to any questions asked. Shuffle all the cards, let them be cut, and then deal out the first seven of the pack thus--

then read the answer.

The above system of fortune-telling is based upon Etteila's original method. We have summed up in these few pages, an--on some points--obscure pamphlet by this author--The Book of Thoth. It contains a portrait of Etteila and is very rare, like the other works of this author. We must add that his method has never been seriously elucidated by any of his numerous disciples; and we believe ourselves to be one of the first to explain it upon simple principles.


328:1 Etteila quite realized that the number 26 corresponded with the divine name TilR the total being

yod he vau he

330:1 Perhaps we have misunderstood Etteila, who is very obscure in his books, and whom we are trying to explain; but this last operation seems perfectly useless.

0 0

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