Then take the packet of 17 cards, which you place beneath the others, then the 11 cards, which you also spread out beneath the other two. You then obtain the following arrangement.

Soul 26 1

Mind 17 1

Body 11 1

Waste packet

You then explain the meaning of the cards, remembering that the lowest line, of 11 refers to the body, the centre p. 330

one to the mind, and lastly, the upper line of 26 cards to the soul of the Inquirer.

From this system of arrangement Etteila deduced his subtle arguments upon the creation of the Universe, the Kabbalah, and the Philosopher's Stone. But we need not linger over it. We will rather pass on to complete this study of fortune-telling by the Tarot.

SECOND DEAL: Reshuffle all your cards (78) and let them be cut for you.

Take the 17 first cards and arrange them thus--

0 0

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