God The Holy Spirit

These principles once defined, we shall see them in action throughout creation.

The first principle had manifested its existence to itself in the second principle named by Christians:

the Son. Lastly, these two principles had embodied themselves in the third, which gave them substance. This is why we have named the Holy Spirit the body of God.

Now the same law of creation acting in the affinities of the first principle with the second, will manifest itself in the action of the first ternary upon itself, to give birth to the following Trinity:--

God the Father, the principle of Will, is entirely self-reflected in the rough ADAM, the principle of Power; God the Son, the principle of Intelligence, is self-reflected in the gentle EVE, the principle of Authority. Lastly, God as a whole, or God the Holy Spirit, clothed these two mystical unities in a body, and made a reality of them in the balanced creation of Adam-Eve, or of HUMANITY.

Humanity, the image of Love, also contains in itself a rough, astringent principle (see Jacob Boehm 1), and a gentle, insinuating principle (Jacob Boehm). The first of these principles, symbolized by Adam, is the origin of brute Force, of Power in all its manifestations. The second, symbolized by Eye, is the origin of feminine Grace, of Authority. We have seen that Power and Authority find their equilibrium in Love.

Each man, a reflected molecule of humanity made in its image, contains in himself an Adam, the source of the Will--that is the Brain; an Eve, source of the intelligence--the heart; and he should balance the heart by the brain, and the brain by the heart, to become a centre of divine love.

It is the same with man and woman, represented by Adam and Eve (mn Eve, the life).

But just as the Father and the Son have become realities in the Holy Spirit, as Adam and Eve are embodied in Humanity, so the third ternary will take rise in the reciprocal action of the other two.

NATURA NATURANS, or creating, will take her birth under the action and the reciprocal reaction of God the Father and of Adam, the two active and passive creative principles. Thus also appears the Universal creative Fluid, balancing and realizing in itself both will and power.

From this again will be born NATURA NATURATA, or preserving, realizing the union of God the Son and of Eve, at the same time that the Universal preserving Fluid, or Universal Life, will appear, balancing and realizing the Intelligence and Authority which define its innate qualities.

Lastly, the Holy Spirit and Humanity, the divine and the human bodies, unite and manifest themselves eternally in the LIVING UNIVERSE, the source of Universal Attraction.

For even as the Holy Spirit was the body of God, the Son his soul, and the Father his Spirit, even as Humanity was the body of Adam, Eve his life or soul, and Adam his Spirit; so also--

The Universe is the body of God; Humanity is the soul of God; God Himself is the Spirit of God.

From this we recognize the truth of the opinion of the Pantheists, who declared that God was the Universe; but we also see their error, when they refuse to acknowledge in him any innate consciousness. For as the consciousness of man is independent of the millions of cells which compose his body, so the consciousness of God is independent of the molecules of the Universe and of man which form its body and its soul. We might partly destroy the p. 208

[paragraph continues] Universe without in any way diminishing the Divine Personality, even as the four limbs can be cut off a man without his losing the consciousness of the integrity of his personality. This is why the conclusions of Schopenhauer and Hartmann are partly erroneous.

Before leaving this study, we must once more express our admiration for this wonderful book, this symbolical Tarot, which thus defines God-God is the Absolute, the essence of which is impenetrable, formed of the Universe as body, of Humanity as soul, and of himself as Spirit.



The Spirit of God

The Soul of God

The Body of God

God the Father


Natura Naturalis

God the Iloly Spirit



The Universe

God the Son

Natura Naturata



Universal Creative Fluid



Intelligence or Intuition


Universal preserving Fluid or Universal Universal Life Attraction


Each man contains in himself an Adam, source of the Will, i.e. the Brain; an Eve, source of the Intelligence, 1 i.e. the Heart, and he should balance the heart by the brain, and the brain by the heart, if he would become a centre of divine love.

In Humanity, the passive Realistic principle of God Himself, the Father and the Divine Son, are represented by Man.

Man accomplishing the functions of God the creator is the FATHER; the woman accomplishing the work of God the preserver is the MOTHER; lastly, HUMAN LOVE realizes the whole Divinity in Humanity.

The human family is therefore the representation of the Divinity upon earth. The Tarot also teaches us this fact by its minor arcana (king or father, queen or mother, knight or young man, knave or child); and it was so thoroughly understood by ancient science, that the whole social organization was based upon the family, instead of upon the individual, as it is in modern times.2 That the social organization of China has been maintained for so many centuries, is solely due to the principle of basing everything upon the family. 3

The characteristics of the human Ternary are: Adam, Necessity, the image and reflection of Will and Power; Eve, Liberty, the image and reflection of Intelligence and Authority; and Adam and Eve, Charity, the image p. 211

and reflection of Love and Beauty given by the constituent terms.

REALIZATION and JUSTICE, balanced by PRUDENCE, indicate the moral constitution of Man, whilst the POSITIVE ASTRAL LIGHT (or OD), the NEGATIVE ASTRAL LIGHT (or OB), and the EQUILIBRATE ASTRAL FLUID (or AOUR), demonstrate the origin of his physical constitution.

Magic Power, Courage, and Hope manifest the moral qualities of man, whilst Force potential in its manifestation, reflected Life, and Force balancing the two preceding qualities, indicate the influence of the Universe in him.

Thus, the law which governs all these manifestations of God in the series of his creations is Emanation.

From the unique but fathomless centre emanates, in the first place, a Trinity of absolute principles which serves as a model for all the posterior emanations of the Being principle itself. Each element of this Trinity manifests itself in two great principles, of which it is the source: from the first principle, or the Father, emanate successively Adam and Nature creating, naturans, according, to Spinoza; from the second principle, or the Son, emanate

Eve and Nature naturata, or recipient; lastly, the third principle, or the Holy Spirit, serves as a model to the similar constitution of Adam-Eve, or Humanity and the Universe.

In this way also the Ternary, emanated from the mysterious Unity, soon constitutes a Septenary formed by the various emanations of these three Principles, like the seven colours of the scale of light formed by the combination of three simple colours, themselves emanated from one single light; or like the seven notes of the musical scale, formed by the fundamental trinity of sounds.

The Septenary formed of "two Ternaries in the midst of p. 212

which the Unity upholds itself," 1 is therefore the expression of a being completely constituted. This is now confirmed by the recent data given by Hindu Theosophy upon the seven principles of Man, and upon the seven principles of the Universe. 2

We could apply the Tarot to the explanation of these data; but we feel sure that it will soon be done, and we consider it useless to lengthen our work too much.

We will therefore conclude our study upon man by pointing out his constitution as given by the Tarot, which teaches that his body comes from the Universe, his soul from the Astral plane, whilst his Spirit is a direct emanation from God. 3


The Spirit of Man (intellectual)

Adam Creator the Father

Eve Preserver the Mother

The Body of Man now materiallttd (physical)


Astral Light (od)


Magic Power (to will)

Potential Manifestation



Astral Fluid (aour)



Elementary / Existence


Courage (to dare)


Reflected Transitory Life

Equilibrist Force


As we descend the ladder of the emanations of the Absolute Being, the principles become more material and less metaphysical. The Tarot teaches us that the Universe results from the participation of the Human in the creative actions of the Divine, a profound mystery, which can throw much light upon the theological theories of the Fall. Jacob Boehm, the sublime visionary shoe maker, and Claude de Saint-Martin, his admirer and disciple, give upon this subject some explanations which may be easily understood with the Tarot, and to which we refer curious inquirers.

God manifests himself in the Universe by his third trinitarian manifestation: Natura naturans, realized in the UNIVERSAL TRANSFORMING PRINCIPLE, Natura naturata, in INVOLUTION; and lastly in the mysterious cyclic force which we have analyzed, in reference to the 15th arcanum, and which we name the FATAL FORCE OF DESTINY. This is the God adored by materialist science, and we see that unconsciously its homage is offered to the Divinity itself under its most material form, even whilst it foolishly boasts of Atheism.

DEATH, CORPOREAL LIFE, and the DESTINY which rules their mutual connection, constitute the preserving principles of the Universe; lastly, PLASTIC FORCE, INDIVIDUAL LIFE, and the ASTRAL LIGHT IN CIRCULATION, show us the means of Transformation and of Realization used by the Cosmos.

But these are abstract principles; if we wish to see them in action we must consider the following ternary. The Universal Transforming Principle marks its existence p. 215

by the DESTRUCTION of beings and of things; but the Opposing Principle, Involution, at once IMMORTALIZES Destruction by the influx of new divine currents into CHAOS.

Adam materialized his nature by the FALL of his spirit into matter, the source of Death; but the Corporeal Life, the source of HOPE, arises and provides the means of redeeming the fault, by suffering in the MATERIAL BODY.

Lastly MATTER itself appears, the final term of involution, after which recommences the grand Evolution towards the primitive centre.

It is unnecessary to say that we only wished to give a rapid sketch of the evidence of the Tarot upon Theogony, Androgony, and Cosmogony, without entering into detail. In fact these are very serious questions, which require whole volumes to themselves, and we had not the least intention of discussing them in a few pages.



Let us now recapitulate a little, so that we may definitely end the involution of the three grand principles:

From GOD THE FATHER have emanated successively--

Adam Will

Natura Naturans Power

Then their form The Universal Creative Fluid.

Adam realized in the Father has produced Realization and the Astral Light; whilst the Will was realized in Necessity, Supreme Power is shown in Magic Power, and the universal creative Fluid in Force Potential in its Manifestation.

Natura naturans realized in the Universal Transforming Principle has produced Death, and the Universal Plastic Force, with their forms, Destruction, the Fall of Adam, and the visible world.

These are all the principles that have successively emanated from the Father, and which represent him. We have reproduced them in a tableau--

The two following figures arranged upon the same plan as this one, give the emanations of the two other principles of the first ternary.

In our Introduction to the study of symbolism we have given a numbered figure which enables us to determine immediately the meaning of any card in the Tarot.

If we now apply all that we have said upon the symbolism of each of our cards to this subject, we can condense the whole symbolism of the major arcana in one figure.

The new tableau thus formed will give us the sense of all our principles, whatever their number may be, and this is how we obtain this meaning--

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