General Recapitulation

We have now to recapitulate all the acceptations of the first card in a general figure. As each card in the Tarot will have the same recapitulation, we think it may be useful to explain the scheme followed in this arrangement. At the head of the figure will be found the Hebrew number and letter of the card. Below it, the name usually given to the card in the Tarot.

To the right of the figure are the significations in the Three Worlds: Divine, Human, and Natural.

Below these three significations is found the absolute key to each card, according to the figure of the revolutions of the word Yod-he-vau-he. The Hebrew letters placed upon the upper line of this key indicate the origin of the card under consideration, the Hebrew letters placed above it indicate the exact meaning of the card.

The Juggler.



Primitive Hieroglyph: Man

Key to the Card: yod yod

Kabbalah: Kether

Astronomy: No Affinity

The divine creator or


the Father


yod of yod



The divine transformer

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