Fourteenth Card Of The Tarot


The following ideas are expressed by this symbol--1. Combination of different fluids.

2. Individualization of existence. The genius of the Sun pours the fluid of Life from a golden vase into a silver one.

This essence passes from one vase to the other without one drop being spilt.

(Second idea.)

The fourteenth card represents the young girl whom we have already seen in the 11th arcanum, and whom we shall see again in the 17th.

The vital current placed upon her head in the 11th arcanum here passes from one vase into another, but will spread further in the 17th arcanum.

The fourteenth card of the Tarot shows us the fluid, hitherto carefully preserved, now freely circulated in nature.

1. Combination of active and passive fluids. Entry of Spirit into Matter, and reaction of Matter upon the Spirit-INVOLUTION.

2. Reflex of Justice in the material world-


3. Fixation of reflex Life. Incarnation of Life

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