Fifteenth Card Of The Tarot

The Devil.

In every cosmogony the Devil represents the mysterious astral force, the origin of which is revealed to us by the hieroglyphic of Samech.

But a little attentive consideration of the symbol will show us that it contains several of the details which we have already seen in other figures of the Tarot, but under a different aspect.

If we place the Juggler by the side of the Devil we shall see that the arms of the two personages are using the same gesture, but in an inverse sense. The Juggler points his right hand towards the Universe, his left hand towards God; on the other hand the Devil raises his right band into the air, whilst his left points to the earth. Instead of the magic initiating wand of the Juggler, the Demon holds the lighted torch, the symbol of black magic and of Destruction.

By the side of the Devil, and balanced by him, are two personages reproducing the same symbolism that we find in the two women of the Lovers (6), and in the two supports of the gibbet of the Hanged Man (12).

The universal vivifying force represented by the 3rd arcanum, has here become the universal destroying force. The sceptre of Venus-Urania has become the Demon's p. 166

torch, the Angel's wings have changed into the hideous pinions of the God of Evil. The 3rd arcanum symbolizes the Holy Spirit, or the Providence of Fabre d'Olivet. The 15th arcanum symbolizes the False Spirit, or the Destiny of Fabre d'Olivet.

The 9th arcanum, which fills the centre between the two figures, symbolizes Prudence, or the Human Will of Fabre d'Olivet.

The Devil has materialized upon his head the universal fluid which surrounded the head of the Juggler; this is indicated by the two six-pointed horns which adorn him.

He stands upon a cube placed upon a sphere, to indicate the domination of Matter (the cube) over the Spirit (the Sphere).

The fifteenth card of the Tarot derives its signification from its own symbolism--

1. DESTINY (chance).

2. FATALITY, the result of the fall of Adam-Eve.

3. The astral fluid, which individualizes.

NARASH, the Dragon of the Threshold.

The Devil.



Primitive Hieroglyphic: Serpent Astronomy: Sagittarius Month: November Hebrew letter: Samech (simple)


FATALITY Result of the fall of Adam-Eve


NAHASH The Dragon of the Threshold

The Lightning-Struck Tower 16

THE FIRE OF HEAVEN (lightning).

PlgggoglgTcv 2

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