Extension Of The Three Great Principles Through The Tarot

The three meanings of the first card respectively represent--

The Creator or Yod. The Receiver or He. The Transformer or Vau.

Lastly, the transition to the second He, which is not under consideration at present.

But the first card of the Tarot, taken as a whole, represents the Creator or Yod, the second card taken as a whole will therefore represent the Receiver or He, and the third the Transformer or Vau. Each of them will also show the four aspects of Yod-he-vau-he in the idea which it expresses.

But what is true of the ternary, is also true of the Septenary, so that the first Septenary, taken as a whole, will represent the CREATOR.

The second septenary will represent the RECEIVER.

The third the TRANSFORMER.

Lastly, the ternary of transition will. represent the return of effects to causes, and of consequences to the principle.

Let us condense this all by saying--

1st septenary represents God.

3rd septenary — the Universe.

Moreover, each of these elements is contained in the two others in all points of their manifestations.

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