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Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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The Tarot of the Bohemians

By Papus

Translated by A. P Morton [1892]


THE Tarot pack of cards, transmitted by the Gypsies from generation. to generation, is the primitive book of ancient initiation. This has been clearly demonstrated by Guillaume Postel, Court de Gebelin, Etteila, Eliphas Levi, and J. A. Vaillant.

The key to its construction and application has not yet been revealed, so far as I know. I therefore wished to fill up this deficiency by supplying Initiates, i. e. those who are acquainted with the elements of occult science, with an accurate guide, which would assist them in the pursuit of their studies.

The uninitiated reader will find in it the explanation of the lofty philosophy and science of ancient Egypt; whilst ladies are enabled to practice the use of the divining Tarot, by methods which we have rendered easy in Chapter XX.

The book has been so arranged that each part forms a complete whole, which can, if necessary, be studied separately.

I have used every effort to be as clear as possible; the public that has warmly welcomed my other books will, I hope, forgive the imperfections inherent to a work of this kind.


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