Correspondence Between The Cards Of The Tarot

To obtain the origin and derivation of any card in the Tarot, it suffices to take the third card before it, and the third card after it.

Thus the 8th arcanum is derived from the 5 th arcanum, and gives rise to the 11th arcanum.

8 11

Elementary existence. Reflected and transitory life.

From this it ensues that, when two cards added together give an even number, we need only take the half of the number to discover the card which serves to unite those under consideration.

Thus, in order to discover the link which binds the 4th arcanum to the 6th, i.e. the universal vivifying fluid, to universal love, I add together 4 + 6 = 10, and I take one-half of the number obtained 10 /2 =5.

The 5th arcanum (universal life) therefore unites the two opposites. 1

The passage of the vivifying fluid (4) into love (6) is performed through the medium of universal life (5).

Since each card of the Tarot has three meanings, it is easy to philosophize by means of our pack, without taking too much trouble about it.

Another result of this rule is, that each card of the Tarot has a complementary in any card bearing a number which, added to its own, gives a total of 22.

For instance, what is the complementary card of the 1st arcanum?

It is the 21st arcanum, since 21 + 1 = 22. What is the transition from 1 to 21?

According to what we have just stated it is 21 + 1= 22/2 = 11.

The 11th arcanum (reflected and transitory life) therefore forms the transition between the 1st arcanum (creative principle) and the 21st arcanum (universal generation).

Universal life.

To find the card that serves as complementary to any other, we must therefore subtract the number of the card in question from 22.

For instance to find the complementary card to 14-22 - 14 = 8.

The 8th arcanum is therefore complementary to the 14th.

We have made this digression because all these details p. 80

will be most useful to us presently. We can now return to the study of our major arcana.

Let us once more recall the manner in which the four first arcana have given us the key to the symbolism of all the others, according to their affinities with the sacred word, as follows--

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