Applications Of The Tarot

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XV. --GENERAL KEY TO THE APPLICATIONS OF THE TAROT: The Principle and the Forms--The 21st Card of the Tarot is a Figure--Principle--The Tarot--The Year--The Month--The Day--The Human Life

p. xiii

XVI.--THE ASTRONOMIC TAROT: Egyptian Astronomy--The Four Seasons--The Twelve Months--The Thirty-six Decans--The Planets--Absolute Analogy with the Tarot-Figure containing the Application of the Tarot to Astronomy--Key to the Astrological Works of Christian--Oswald Wirth's Astronomical Tarot

XVII.--THE INITIATIVE TAROT: Ch. Barlet's Essay on this Subject-Involution and Evolution—The Hours of Apollonius of Tyana--The Phases of Initiation represented by the Tarot

Barlet's Work upon the COSMOGONIC TAROT 253

XVIII.--THE KABBALISTIC TAROT: Deductions by Etteila upon the Book of Thoth--Example of the Application of the Tarot to the Kabbalah, the Hierogram of Adam by Stanislas de Gualta

XIX.--THE AUTHORS WHO HAVE INTERESTED THEMSELVES IN THE TAROT: Raymond Lulle--Cardan—Postel--The Rosicrucians--Court de Gébelin--Etteila--Claude de Saint-Martin--J. A. Vaillaint--Christian--Eliphas Levi--St. de Guaita--Joséphin Péladan--The Platonist--Theosophical Publications--F. Ch. Barlet--O. Wirth--Poirel--Ely Star--H. P. Blavatsky--Ch. de Sivry--Mathers

XX.--THE DIVINING TAROT IN SEVEN LESSONS. Introduction: To our Lady Readers—Astronomy and Astrology--Intuition--Fortune-telling by the Tarot in Seven Lessons

1st Lesson--Simplification of the Rules of Fortune-telling by the Tarot 305

2nd Lesson--Minor Arcana--Signification p. xiv--A good Memory unnecessary for their retention-Key to the Divining Tarot 307

3rd Lesson--Major Arcana--Signification from a Divining Point of View 316

4th Lesson--Basis of the Application of this Knowledge—Arrangement of the Cards 318

5th Lesson--Reading the Tarot--Rapid Process—Elaborate Process 322

6th Lesson--Etteila's original and unpublished Method of reading the Tarot (from one of his rarest works). 1st Deal--2nd Deal--3rd Deal--4th Deal 327

7th Lesson--Conclusion--Bibliography 333

XXI.--APPLICATION OF THE TAROT TO GAMES: The Royal Game of the Human Life according to the Egyptians—The Unity of Games in the Tarot



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